ALI Profile: Kim Newcomb – Admissions/Immigration Assistant

Kim Newcomb

Ask any ALI student on campus and they will say one of the first people they met at SDSU was Kim Newcomb. She is often the initial contact with students during their online application process. “When a student arrives, it’s really great to put a face to their emails. I have so much contact with students and finally meeting them in person is exciting,” says Kim.

“We have such a wide range of students, but I have a lot of email contact with students so I don’t forget an applicant.” She also provides advice to students to make the application process easier – be patient, and get all your documents in early. That will result in a quick turnaround for the I-20.

Leaving your home and moving to the U.S. is quite a journey, but Kim explains, “We help with adjusting to life in a new country. We have many advisors to ease the students’ transition. There is always someone here to talk to and advise students.” And, the location can’t be beat. “San Diego State is the middle of everything – we are centrally located. Students love living in San Diego. Two of my favorite reasons I love it here are the great beaches and the outdoor malls!”


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