Instructor Profile – Marketing and Media – Jenn Baker

Jenn BakerJenn Baker is the President and Media Director at VernonMack, LLC – a full-service, San Diego online marketing agency. She has worked on the publisher side for online networks, as well as on the agency side in interactive media.

You teach Interactive Marketing Strategies – can you tell me about the class?

The class is packed with information. We start with the foundation – website, content management systems, best practices, usability, and search engine optimization. We talk about different online marketing tactics including paid search, media buying, email marketing, mobile marketing and of course social media. This technology is rapidly evolving so we also discuss the most current trends and tools.

I introduce industry professionals who speak in the class. San Diego is an outstanding resource for interactive professionals so we will have a few speakers from local agencies. The class will provide a lot of actionable tools that students can use in the real world. I want the students to come out of the class as either an ideal hire for an interactive agency or small business, or to even be able to launch a website and manage online marketing for their own business.

Any homework or group activities planned?

There will tasks to take home and familiarize students with tools commonly used for interactive marketing.

How do interactive marketing strategies differ from marketing strategies in the traditional sense?

Much more technical knowledge is needed. It’s also a different type of marketing where the audience has more and more control over what they choose to consume. This control shift means advertisers need to learn how to use interactive marketing strategies, to communicate with audiences in a different way and continue to stay abreast of emerging technologies.

Do you need a certain personality in this field?

I think the key is to have a hunger to learn. You need to have the attitude that you are never going to stop learning, because once you think you’ve got it, everything changes and you need to be ready to keep up and learn more. It’s challenging but it’s also a lot of fun.

Anything else?

I went to the orientation for the Marketing and Media certificate program and the vibe was just extremely exciting. Personally, I would love to go through the entire certificate program myself because of the combination of courses. It would really create a powerhouse of a prospective hire. I think the program in its entirety is just an amazing opportunity.