Staffing Coordinator Benefits from Human Resources (HR) Knowledge

Human Resources TagJulie Hattox-Golas works full time at Sharp HealthCare and is a mother of two young girls. Wanting to enhance her professional skills to rise to new heights within her company, she decided to enroll in a Human Resource Certificate program. “I hoped to learn the human resources field in a much better capacity to apply to either an HR position or supervisor position,” she says.

During the HR program, Hattox-Golas created several presentations and completed multiple readings to keep up with current HR material. She networked with several classmates, and says that instructors were supportive in guiding her through the program. “The instructors were very helpful. They understand when situations arise because they live in the real world along with the rest of us in the class,” she adds.

The greatest program take-away for Hattox- Golas was new HR knowledge – she has taken that information and applied it directly to her job. She says, “With leave of absences, medical leaves, and intermittent leave situations, you have to know how to deal with them and act in the correct manner. I think it is just a good practice to have that knowledge when you are working with very many different types of employees. I know what I gained in the HR classes has benefited me.