OLLI Spring 2017 Newsletter: Director’s Corner

Aimee Davis

OLLI Director Aimee Davis

Welcome to OLLI Outlook and happy spring! I want to share some exciting news. Over the past year, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at SDSU has grown in so many ways that our thriving community — one of 120 institutes in the United States — meets the Bernard Osher Foundation’s definition of exemplary.

For this honor, we’ve been invited to apply for a $25,000 capacity-building grant and – if we meet our volunteerism, fundraising, and membership goals – the opportunity to apply two additional years, for a total of $75,000. The grant will help us ensure the long-term sustainability of the institute, securing its future for you, your family and friends, and the community.

We’re on a roll to achieving goals. Recent notable achievements include:

  • Increased volunteerism — currently at 27 volunteers, up from 21 last fiscal year
    • Launched the Events Planning Committee
    • Debuted the Classroom Ambassador role
    • Formed subcommittees of the Curriculum Committee to implement member feedback
  • Received $3,320 in donations so far in 2016-17 from 60 donors
    • Increased donations — 73 versus last year’s 30
    • Increased donors — 60 versus last year’s 23
    • Received one planned gift in 2016-17, bringing our total to two
  • Steadily increasing Facebook following — 347 likes, up from 246 last fiscal year
  • Reaching South Bay residents with lectures at St. Paul’s Plaza

Achievements on the Horizon

  • Create a Speakers Bureau of volunteers to visit local organizations such as Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Retired Teachers Associations, Farmers Markets, etc. to raise awareness about OLLI and increase membership
  • Launch a new website and registration system this year for a more user-friendly experience

Goals for 2017-18:

  • Increase membership by 10 percent (an increase of 59 members)
  • Raise $7,500
  • Increase volunteers from 27 to 40

Let’s Reach Our Goals Together — How You Can Help

Thank you for all that you bring to the wonderful OLLI at SDSU community!

If you have any questions, please email osher@mail.sdsu.edu or call (619) 594-2863.