American Indian studies provides students with a liberal arts education focused on cultural diversity. The American Indian studies program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Native American peoples. Using literature, art, history, and politics as touchstones, students come to understand the individual, as well as tribal character of Indian people.


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AMIND 0120 Written Communication
Understanding of rhetoric of written argument from interdisciplinary perspectives, with reference to American Indian content. Designed to develop and enhance composition and reading skills. Focus on writing skills that contribute to academic growth and development. Not open to students with credit in a higher-numbered composition course or AFRAS 120 or CCS111B or ENGL 100 or GEN S 260A or LING 100 or RWS 100 or 101.Prerequisite: Satisfaction of the English Placement Test and Writing Competency requirements. (See the Graduation Requirements section of catalog.) Proof of completion of prerequisite required: Copy of EPT or competency scores or verification of exemption; proof of credit (Cr) in Rhetoric and Writing Studies 92.
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