American Indian studies provides students with a liberal arts education focused on cultural diversity. The American Indian studies program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Native American peoples. Using literature, art, history, and politics as touchstones, students come to understand the individual, as well as tribal character of Indian people.


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AMIND 0499 Special Study: AMIND 499

This course will focus on indigenous heritage and cultural resources management, particularly around archaeological/ancestral sites and Traditional Cultural Resources (TCRs), Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs), and Traditional Cultural Landscapes (TCLs). The purpose of the course is to provide Native American and Indigenous students, as well as non-Native students with sufficient background, education, and training to successfully work with tribes, necessary and sufficient praxis to protect, preserve, and learn from and better appreciate the power of cultural landscapes and places. This training involves learning to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the cultural heritage and resources management profession in standard as well as create ways and includes Native American and Indigenous voices and worldviews in the research design, data collection, and interpretation of research.

Program: American Indian Studies

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