Information for Instructors and Course Coordinators

Interested in offering a course?

How to submit a course for review and approval.
If you are an agency interested in partnering with SDSU to offer your courses for credit, we would be happy to discuss the possibility with you. Please contact the Program Director. Once we have agreed to work together, these are the steps for submitting a course:

Step One: Prepare your syllabus or conference/workshop agenda. Make sure it includes:

  • Course title
  • Course dates
  • Course description
  • Course agenda/schedule of topics - as detailed as possible
  • Course readings
  • Learning outcomes
  • Total number of instructional hours
  • Text book(s) - if applicable
  • Assignment(s) to be completed by students
  • Grading rubric/criteria - a letter grade is required

Step Two: Send an email to the SDSU Program Director.

Step Three: The Program Director develops the course proposal and supporting materials which are then reviewed by the College of Education Associate Dean.

Step Four: If your course is approved, you will be contacted with important information about your course including:

  • The course schedule number
  • Information about online registration
  • Information about submitting grades
  • Registration deadline

How long will the credit approval process take?
The course review, approval and set up process usually takes 2-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly when submitting your materials. If you are submitting a large number of courses at once, please submit them at least a month before the start date. In special circumstances, we can expedite this process; new courses and courses needing re-approval for the current year will still require a minimum of one week to be set up.

What is the process for re-offering a course?
Each time you offer a course, you will need to submit your course materials with updated information, including dates, times, locations, etc. Schedule numbers are unique to each course within each term, and cannot be reused.

What information do I need to distribute to my course participants?
We will send you registration information once the course is set up, including the schedule number, registration instructions for students, and the registration deadline, which we ask that you please distribute to your students. One of the best things you can do is to put our web link on your syllabus. That way, students can register, order transcripts, and contact University staff if they have questions.

How do I submit grades?
Upon set-up of your course, you will be contacted via email with registration information, including the grade submission deadline. You must submit grades by this deadline either by fax or mail. In certain circumstances, other directions may be provided. If you ever have any questions about grades, or need a roster of registered students, we would be happy to help.

As an instructor, can I earn credit for teaching a course?
We understand that there is a lot of work involved in preparing for and teaching a course but unfortunately instructors are not eligible to earn credit for a professional development course they are teaching. However, you are welcome to enroll for credit in professional development courses taught by other instructors.

Are other types of credit available?
Yes, depending upon the situation. For instance, if participants are primarily educators without undergraduate degrees, we can arrange for undergraduate level professional development credit.

Why should I work with SDSU?

  • Course review by the College of Education faculty and deans means you and your students can feel confident about the quality of the coursework.
  • Course assessment requirements allow participants to take what they have learned and develop an implementation plan that can be used in their classrooms.
  • Online services - from registering to ordering transcripts - we make it convenient for your students to work with SDSU.
  • Excellence in customer service and a direct communication line to program staff means that your needs - and the needs of your students - are handled quickly and professionally.
  • SDSU College of Extended Studies has annual enrollments that exceed 25,000 and include students in dozens of countries.
  • SDSU was founded in 1897 and is currently ranked the #1 Small Research University in the United States.



Student inquiries related to registration, including your SDSU RedID, should be directed to:
SDSU College of Extended Studies Registration Office
(619) 594-5152

Inquiries about offering a course for credit and instructor inquiries about grade submission should be directed to:
(619) 594-1188