This program is exclusively for school leaders (principals, assistant principals, and school directors). The Program prepares school leaders to apply for and earn NCUST’s National Principal Certificate for Equity and Excellence. To earn the certificate each candidate must demonstrate, through measurable evidence, that they have advanced equity and excellence in the school they lead. The program is based on research about effective school-level leadership and NCUST’s extensive study of urban schools that achieve excellent and equitable learning results. The program includes five courses (delivered primarily online) over a 12-month period. In the first course, participants will establish an “Equity and Excellence Project” grounded in data related to their school. Each course will support school leaders in pursuing their project in a way that generates improvements in school culture, curriculum, and instruction that lead to substantial movement toward equity and excellence in their school. Each course features specific school-level leadership tasks. The leadership tasks will challenge school leaders to provide inspiring, meaningful, and productive support and guidance in ways that maximize the likelihood that their Equity and Excellence Project will generate measurable evidence of movement toward equity and excellence. During each course, each participant will receive up to three one-on-one personalized video-coaching sessions with an NCUST Executive Coach. Each course will include opportunities to engage with school leaders who influenced the success of schools that achieved remarkable results for every demographic group served.


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NCUST 0501 Envisioning Equity and Excellence at Your School
Through this course, leaders will learn how culture, curricula, and instruction make a powerful difference in schools that achieve equity and excellence. Leaders will form a clearer image of the transformation they seek as they assess the extent to which their school’s culture, curricula, and instruction resemble those found in very high-performing schools. As a part of this course, participants will participate in the America’s Best Urban Schools Symposium during which they will have opportunities to interact with leaders from schools that achieve remarkable results for every demographic group served. By the end of the course, participants will have a clearer perspective of how school culture, curricula, and instruction at their school will need to improve in order to advance equity and excellence in learning results.