As a new educator holding a Preliminary California Teaching Credential, you can now clear your Multiple and Single Subject credentials in a fully online, one-on-one mentoring model program. Receive the support you need to develop critical skills — which helps increase retention of educators — under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Individual Learning Plans (ILP) focus on self-identified goals and self-reflection, and are evidenced through video recordings, and online learning forums. Candidates may teach in public, private, charter, or international schools with diverse populations.

This two-year program is designed around the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the immediate classroom needs of teachers. It is also fully aligned with the new standards for teacher induction programs that were released by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in 2016.

For more information about SDSU’s Teacher Induction Program, contact Mark Grzeskowiak at or (619) 594-0845.

Estimated Cost Estimated Cost
Textbooks not included
Completion Time Min. Completion Time
2 Years
Course Format Course Format

We Are Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2020

Application Deadline: August 17, 2020

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Semester 1 (required) Fees Units FA20 SP21
SPED 651 Legislation, Leadership, and Management  $900  3 8/31-12/18 1/25-5/14
TE 969 Clinical Practice for Induction (Semester 1) $900 3 8/31-12/18 1/25-5/14
Semester 2, 3, 4 (required) Fees Units FA20 SP21
TE 969 Clinical Practice for Induction (Semesters 2-4) $1,800 6 8/31-12/18 1/25-5/14

Program Highlights

  • Two years
  • All classes are online
  • Professional development based on teacher's self-identified needs
  • Professional literature review
  • Job-embedded mentoring (specific to you and your students)
  • Mentors have experience teaching your subject or grade level
  • Video recording of lessons for feedback from mentor
  • Connect with peers

Credential Process

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree.
  2. Earn a Preliminary Credential through CTC requirements, coursework, and student teaching.
  3. Start your teaching career with a teaching contract.
  4. Earn a Clear Credential by completing an Induction program through your school district, a County Office of Education, or a university partner.
  5. Renew your credential every 5 years by paying the CTC required fees. Currently, CTC does not require any additional professional growth requirements for cleared credential holders.

The total cost for two years is $7,200 and is divided into four payments, each due at the time of registration. There is an additional required cost of $120 for a two-year Sibme subscription. This is the online platform used for mentoring sessions, and video and work submissions.

Early Completion Option
Candidates who have successfully completed a year of induction through a different program or have more than three years of teaching experience have an early completion option. It is not guaranteed and requires a review from the Induction Admissions and Retention Committee.


2020 Spring2020 Summer2020 Fall
SPED 0651 Legislation, Leadership, and Management
Design and implementation of individualized learning plans for professional development activities. Leadership approaches for managing school-related services within a multidisciplinary context.
Course Date(s)

TE 0969 Clinical Practice for Induction: TE 969
Mentor-supported field experience for novice teachers in fully accredited K-12 schools. Practicing advanced teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students. Applying accommodations, scaffolding, ELD, and SDAIE strategies. Assessment of teacher performance based on evidence of student learning and outcomes.
Course Date(s)



Student Testimonials

Ruth Altman I loved this program because, yes, it did free me up from having to attend inperson classes but also because I got the benefit of earning upperdivision credits which gave me a salary increase at the same time as earning my clear credential. That was a huge deal for me! It's FAR better than BTSA. If a candidate has an option of selecting another program besides their district's BTSA program, this is 100 percent the way to go. You earn more credits, and it's extremely engaging. Working online gave me time to read the materials and work independently on the weekends which is also super significant when you consider that a lot of us as first, second or third year teachers are working well past dismissal to get our jobs done. And I also worked on my assignments during my break and lunch – which allowed me to implement my learning right then and there in the classroom! The most impactful thing that affected my teaching was looking at assessment in a new way. I also understood special education more fully than I ever did from my credential courses. I passed my clear credential with distinction, which made me super proud– also, passing with distinction is a testament to the high quality teaching of the induction program at SDSU.

– Ruth Altman
Ivey Ranch Elementary; Oceanside, CA

Ebony Virgle Clearing my credential through SDSU's Teacher Induction program was an amazing experience. Professors were easily accessible and the assignments required of the program were all things that benefited myself as an educator and my students. I was taught how to reflect on my teaching and how to think critically about lesson planning, which was beneficial for my students.

– Ebony Virgle

Dominique ChastainI graduated from the program last year and am so grateful you were willing to work with my unique teaching position with a small population. I recommend SDSU's Teacher Induction program to anyone who will listen! The program taught me a lot and helped me become a confident teacher. Two years ago, I started teaching with FIELD and began teaching adult high school using my multi-subject credential. I am now the regional manager of the northern schools for FIELD.

– Dominique Chastain
FIELD – EPIC de Cesar Chavez High School; Gridley, CA

Through the SDSU Teacher Induction Program, I am now knowledgeable in the Common Core Standards and prepared to take on my new bilingual position in Valley Center. The program has given me the tools to successfully integrate myself within a team and continue being an educator. Thank you again for all of your support and guidance. Without any hesitation, I know I made a great decision by choosing the SDSU induction program. I am very proud to have been an Aztec again.

– Ivetthe Colio
Valley Center, CA