Lee Ann Jung

Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D, is clinical professor of educational leadership and founder of Lead Inclusion, a company that facilitates research-based equitable opportunities for all students. In a partnership between SDSU and Lead Inclusion, Jung directs the International Inclusive Leadership Program. She is a consultant to schools worldwide in the areas of inclusion, assessment and grading, intervention, and measuring progress; and is past chair for the Classroom Assessment special interest group for the American Educational Research Association.

Jung is a former special education teacher, case manager, and administrator. She came to SDSU in 2018 after 15 years at the University of Kentucky, where she was full professor and director of International School Partnerships. She has authored six books and more than 45 journal articles and chapters. Most recently, she authored From Goals to Growth: Intervention and Support in Every Classroom, available from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Website: leadinclusion.org
Twitter: @leeannjung
Facebook: facebook.com/leadinclusion