This hands-on class format provides 2-3 hour meetings to help you learn new skills both on and off campus at locations throughout San Diego.


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2018 Spring
OF 0008.08 The Awakened Heart: A Six-Week Meditation Workshop

Join us for this six-week meditation workshop where each session begins with an investigation into the history and philosophy of meditation, and ends with a guided meditation experience. We'll learn about meditation's origins, its many varieties, its varied techniques and approaches, and the growing body of scientific evidence proving its efficacy at dramatically increasing our overall wellness. With plenty of time for dialogue and sharing, these workshops are an excellent starting point for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Format: 15% Lecture, 50% Interactive discussion, 35% Hands-on activity

Course Date(s)
March 26 - April 30
2018 Spring
OF 0008.09 Improv Basics

Do you want to have fun, lots of laughs, and make some amazing new friends? Take an improv class! This form of theatre is not as far out of reach as you may think. Every moment of life is an unscripted improv, and you use the proper tools every day: listening and responding. Learn the basics of short form (think Whose Line is it Anyway) and long form improv by playing theatre games, creating scenes, and much more. In addition, you will improve your public speaking skills, become more spontaneous, and have a lot of fun!

Format: 5% Lecture, 15% Interactive discussion, 80% Hands-on activity

Course Date(s)
April 12 - April 12
Gwenn Olive