MUSIC 0370.01 Indoor Drumline/Color Guard/Dance Team
Study and public performance of literature and pageantry for the ensemble. Practical experience in rehearsal and performance techniques.
MUSIC 0170.01 Pep Band
Study and public performance of literature for the ensemble. Practical experience in rehearsal and performance techniques.
P A 0640.04 Seminar: Budgeting for the Public Sector
In this course, you will learn tools and acquire skills to conduct budget analysis, with an emphasis in local government administration. Through a combination of instructional methods, you will learn fundamental concepts and issues pertaining to the financial operation of state and local governments, stages of the budget process, differences among budget formats, best practices, capital and operating budgets. Requires familiarity with both spreadsheet and word-processing software, namely Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
P A 0650.01 Seminar in Public Financial Management
Economics and politics of the public sector. Theories of public expenditure analysis and revenue generation. Issues of ethics and efficiency in government financial policy.
P A 0630.01 Seminar in Public Personnel Administration
Analysis of selected problems in personnel administration; special emphasis on organizational development and consultation skills as emerging personnel functions. Maximum credit six units applicable to a master's degree.
2019 Summer
HTM 0696 Mentoring and Coaching
With a focus on mentoring, this course provides deeply customized learning and competency development. The comprehensive approach encourages students to pursue their own leadership vision as they develop their context, relationship, and self-mastery competencies.
Course Date(s)
July 15 - December 16
ARP 0687 Job Development Individuals with Disabilities
Determination of employment and community integration needs of individuals with disabilities. Theories and techniques are presented through case study methods. Strategies focus on continuous surveys and readings focus on employment needs and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
ARP 0615 Seminar in Multicultural Dimensions in Rehabilitation Counseling
Issues, insights, and techniques for improving effectiveness in working with culturally diverse individuals with disabilities and their families. Focuses on insuring culturally appropriate and relevant rehabilitation services including full community integration.
OF 0007.21 Welcome Orientation and Tour

New to the OLLI at SDSU? A returning member in need of a refresher? Or just want to see if OLLI at SDSU is for you? We invite you to a short presentation followed by a walking tour of our facilities and several points of interest on campus (Wear comfortable shoes!)

  • Meet our dynamic instructors, staff, and fellow learners
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Facilitators: OLLI Staff and Volunteers (membership not required)

PSY 0054 Cyberpsychology
Cyberpsychology is an emerging field that blends developing technology and psychological concepts. Cyberpsychology is the study of how humans are impacted by technology, how individuals interact on the Internet, and the effect of cyberspace interactions on mental health. This class will focus on these issues as well as online identities, cyberbullying, online dating, and cybercrime.