Immerse yourself in the cultural landscape of your host country while you engage in fascinating courses or service learning projects. The many reasons to study in Asia include increasing your knowledge and awareness of your host country while increasing your marketability in an increasingly international workforce.

China | India | Thailand


ShanghaiSummer Program in Shanghai
Join us for the exciting China Summer Program in Shanghai! Learn about Chinese history, culture and business practices in an exciting three-week program taught in English by SDSU professors and scholars from China.
Summer 2020: May 30-June 13 | Price: $2,370 | Courses: ASIAN 490 or GEN S 450

Shanghai, ChinaInternational Business Strategy and Integration in Shanghai
During this program in Shanghai, you will study competitive positioning for Chinese companies in their various sectors. Special emphasis will be on industries that are important to local economies and China as a whole. Industry analysis may include logistic services; auto industry; hospitality and tourism; technology sector and clothing manufacturers.
Winter Break '19/20: Jan. 4-17 | Price: $2,114 | Course: BA 405

Xiamen, ChinaAmerican and Chinese Law: A Basic Comparison
San Diego State University and Xiamen University conduct a two-week criminal law course comparing China's criminal justice system with that of the United States. The course will cover the Chinese Constitution, the criminal code, and the code of criminal procedure.
Summer 2020: June 28-July 11 | Price: $2,175 | Course: CJ 550



Bhubaneswar, IndiaHands-on Exploration of Culture, Health, Sustainability, and Environment in India
Spend two weeks understanding the effects of environmental pollution by taking hands-on field measurements in India while immersing yourself into exotic India's sceneries, culture, and cuisine. You'll be exposed to a fast-growing Asian economy and its struggles addressing environmental sustainability. This winter program is hosted by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.
Winter Break '19/20: Jan. 4-16 | Price: $2,885 | Course: GEN S 450, PH 499, PH 497, PH 650R, or PH 750D




BangkokHealth and Social Services in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, & Rayong)
Faculty from Thammasat University will deliver workshops on Thai culture, social problems, health and human services issues. Students will visit a variety of health and social service agencies, tour cultural and historic sites, and have the opportunity to interact with Thai health and human service professionals and learn about their work.
Summer 2020: June 18-30 | Price: $2,923 | Course: SWORK 496 or GEN S 450

Chiang Mai, ThailandIntercultural Communication in Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & Krabi)
Through class lectures, guest presentations, and visits to sites in Thailand, students will explore the nature of intercultural communication through observations and interviews. You'll learn the terminology and theory of intercultural competence and become more aware of the surrounding culture.
Summer 2020: May 31-June 21 | Price: $5,210 | Course: COMM 371, 499, or PSFA 320