Western Europe is the most popular study abroad destination among SDSU students and students from other U.S. universities. While SDSU offers several top-notch programs in Western Europe, we'd like to encourage you to challenge yourself to step off the beaten path and to explore a less traditional (and probably less expensive) location.

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Multiple Countries

BudapestCommunication in Europe
This program travels to several European cities and explores Communication-related topics through various course options. The program is targeted to Communication Studies students and PSFA International Studies minors, however, the program is open to all majors. The program includes visits to Barcelona, Paris, and Rome.
Summer: May 31-June 21, 2019 | Price: $6,756 | Courses: COMM 427 / PSFA 501 and COMM 482 / PSFA 502 or COMM 750 and COMM 755

Tallinn, EstoniaInternational Security and Culture in Estonia and Russia
This two-week program in Tallinn and St. Petersburg explores the societies, culture, economies, and foreign policies of the beautiful Baltic State of Estonia and its much larger neighbor, Russia.
Winter Break: Dec. 28, 2018-Jan. 14, 2019 | Price: $4,258 | Course: GEN S 450 or ISCOR 450 or HSEC 797

FranceWWI: A Century of Memory and Consequence in France and Belgium
One hundred years ago, World War I (WWI)--the "war to end all wars"-- ended, leaving millions of lives lost and disrupted, European borders and empires redrawn, and structures of everyday life like politics, religion, economy, art, culture, warfare, and medicine forever changed. This program will bring this tragic war to life by touring battlefields, museums, monuments, and cemeteries that collectively tell the story of the Western Front.
Summer 2020: TBA | Price: TBA | Courses: TBA


Czech Republic

Prague, Czech RepublicMusic and Culture in Prague
We will examine in detail the music and people who created: klezmer, Roma (Gypsy) and blues music. Through lectures, readings, recordings, and film students will become familiar with these cultures through the study of these people and their folk music. We will also examine how it is being used today the mediums of film, dance, theatre, song, and instrumental music.
Summer: May 22-June 11, 2019 | Price: $3,499 | Course: ANTH 422 or GEN S 450

Prague, Czech RepublicIntroduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management in Prague
Global impacts on operations and the influence of political, social, legal and regulatory, environmental, and technological issues will be integrated in discussion on various topics. Students in this Study Abroad program will have firsthand opportunity to visit and analyze operations of multiple international production facilities.
Summer: May 25-June 15, 2019 | Price: $3,161 | Course: BA 360

Prague, Czech RepublicMarketing in Prague
We will examine marketing as a business activity, field of employment, and social institution. It will compare the marketing dynamics of two metropolitan areas, San Diego and Prague, as a mechanism to develop a richer understanding of marketing, consumer, and cultures.
Summer: May 25-June 8, 2019 | Price: TBA | Course: MKTG 370



Tbilisi, GeorgiaInternational Security, Politics and Culture
This three-unit program in Tbilisi is an intensive study of international security, regional issues, and global concerns. The focus will be on understanding the politics, relations, and values that influence the diverse culture of Georgia, and understand the economic, political, and social issues affecting the region.
Summer: June 12-29, 2019 | Price: $2,571 | Course: GEN S 450, ISCOR 450, or HSEC 797



Berlin, GermanyInternational Business Strategy and Integration in Berlin, Germany
During this program in Germany, you will study competitive positioning for German companies in their various sectors. Special emphasis will be on industries that are important to local economies and Germany as a whole. Industry analysis may include logistic services; auto industry; hospitality and tourism; technology sector and clothing manufacturers.
Summer 2020: TBA | Price: TBA | Course: BA 405

GermanyEngineering in Germany
This program provides students with the opportunity to gain a new perspective on engineering from a German and broader European standpoint. In addition to learning the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, students will observe engineering manufacturing practices at several German firms including Mercedes-Benz.
Summer 2020: TBA | Price: TBA | Course: TBA



James Joyce StatueHistory, Culture, and Writing in Ireland
This writing intensive class will focus upon the nature of aesthetics, and the intersection of political, religious and social discourse in the development of Ireland. Class discussion will address Irish texts in various genres, theatre, museum, film, historical sightseeing visits, and overall integration of the principles of aesthetics with the violent and revolutionary history of political Ireland and its people's identities.
Summer: May 23-June 12, 2019 | Price: $4,635 | Course: RWS 305W or GEN S 450



Florence Summer Program in Florence
Enjoy a truly unique international experience that will introduce you to the magnificent culture of both the past and the present while taking SDSU courses which allow you to make progress towards your degree.
Summer: May 21-July 2, 2019 | Price: TBA | Courses: ANTH 348 or HIST 500 and GEN S 450 or HIST 506

ItalyHistory of Mathematics in Italy
This program explores the history and development of the field of mathematics and uses Italy as a backdrop to this fascinating history. Throughout the program, students will learn about the contributions to the development of mathematics by diverse individuals from multiple cultures, with a special focus on women in the field.
Summer 2020: TBA| Price: TBA | Courses: TBA

Milan, ItalyThriving on Diversity and Multiculturalism in Italy and Switzerland
This program will focus on the psycho-social dynamics in diverse multicultural settings while immersed in two contrasting cultural and national contexts (Milan, Italy and Genèva, Switzerland). Students will experience the benefits and challenges of multiculturalism.
Summer: May 20-June 1, 2019 | Price: $4,469 | Course: PSY 344

Bologna, ItalyConnecting Art and Science: The Cultural History of Art and Anatomy in Italy
Italy's medieval universities established the study of human anatomy for physicians. To heighten their art, Renaissance masters clandestinely examined anatomy through human dissection. The Italian Peninsula connects art and anatomy in a way no other country can. The six cities include Rome, Assisi, Florence, Bologna, Padua, and Venice.
Winter Break: Jan. 7-19, 2019| Price: $4,370 | Course: GEN S 450
Summer Session I: June 30-July 12, 2019 | Price: $4,470 | Course GEN S 450
Summer Session II: July 14-July 26, 2019 | Price: $4,470 | Course GEN S 450


Rome, ItalyFundamentals of Entrepreneurship in Rome
We will conduct this two-week case-study based class in the mornings and meet with entrepreneurs later in the day. We will visit with local founders and incubators in Rome. The course is also designed to allow for two free weekends for side trips to Lisbon, London, Madrid, or Barcelona.
Winter Break: Dec. 27, 2018-Jan. 12, 2019 | Price: $3,560 | Course: MGT 358


PolandEngineering in Poland
With a focus in transportation, construction, and civil engineering, this program exposes engineering students to some of the best transportation solutions from Europe and allows students to examine the feasibility of those ideas in the American context.
Summer 2020: TBA | Price: TBA| Courses: TBA



Ljubljana, SloveniaSocial Inclusion and Sustainability Innovations in Slovenia and Croatia
Students will participate in hands-on community-based learning focusing on sustainable development, green innovations, and social inclusion aimed at for improving the quality of life of rural populations and underserved ethno-cultural regions. Visits include coastal, alpine, and remote communities.
Summer: June 23-July 9, 2019 | Price: $2,977 | Course: GEN S 480



Alcala de HenaresImpacts of Climate Change in Spain
This course will discuss the science and models used to understand climate change, health-related consequences of global warming, impacts on ecosystems as well as policy options to counteract or adapt to these impacts.
Summer: June 2-15, 2019 | Price: $1,956 | Course: SCI 596

Barcelona, SpainInternet, Law and Politics: The European Approach in Barcelona
This course will examine the social, political, economic and legal impacts of information and communication technologies (ITCs). Additionally, the course will explore how ITCs will help improve economic and political relationships among governments, business and individuals, and improve access to justice.
Winter Break: Jan. 3-19, 2019 | Price: $3,532 | Cours: ISCOR 450

Spanish PaellaFood, Nutrition, and Culture in Spain
This program will expose students to life and culture in a Mediterranean country with an emphasis on the health-promoting aspects of the Mediterranean diet.
Summer: May 27-June 25, 2019 | Price: $5,070 | Course: GEN S 450


Barcelona, SpanVirology in Barcelona
Students will learn basic principles of molecular and clinical virology, and viral infections of historical importance in Spain, as well as recent human viral pathogens in the news. Classes will be held at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in the Barcelona Science Park of the University of Barcelona.
Summer: July 6-26, 2019 | Price: $4,375 | Course: BIOL 596

Granada, SpainSocial Psychology and Intercultural Connections in Granada

Summer: June 16-29, 2019 | Price: $2,916 | Course: PSY 340


Granada, SpainCivil and Environmental Engineering in Spain
Study aspects of hydraulics, hydrology, and air and water quality through field trips to engineered structures and natural settings. Participants will also interact with faculty and students in civil and environmental engineering, hydrology, and ecology at the Universidad de Granada.
Summer: June 9-23, 2019, 2019 | Price: $2,936 | Course: ENVE 355

Alcázar of Seville, SpainJourney to Medieval Spain Through Culture and History in Seville
Explore the origin of Islam as a religion and a civilization that historically produced universal empires embracing the whole of the Muslim world from the seventh to fourteenth centuries.
Summer: May 25-June 16, 2019 | Price: $3,360 | Course: HIST 473, 499, or GEN S 450

Valencia, SpainWriting in Valencia Spain
Students will be exposed to the culture of Spain and write about their experiences, and in doing so improve the depth, breadth, and precision of their writing.
Summer: June 25-July 23, 2019 | Price: $4,382 | Course: ENGL 499



Milan, ItalyThriving on Diversity and Multiculturalism in Italy and Switzerland
We'll focus on the psycho-social dynamics in diverse multicultural settings while immersed in two contrasting cultural and national contexts (Milan, Italy and Genèva, Switzerland). Students will experience the benefits and challenges of multiculturalism.
Summer: May 20-June 1, 2019 | Price: $4,469 | Course: PSY 344


United Kingdom

Princes Street, EdinburghSummer in Edinburgh
Explores the dynamic history and culture of Edinburgh, UNESCO World Heritage City.
Summer: July 20-August 17, 2019 | Price: $6,015 | Course: GEN S 450, THEA 465, or THEA 532