A Campus for the Modern Student

Radhika Seshan, Dean of SDSU Global CampusWe live in an increasingly interconnected world, where technology has the potential to bring us all closer together in ways that weren’t previously possible. SDSU Global Campus is designed to capitalize on these new virtual connections to extend the academic excellence of San Diego State University beyond our neighborhoods.

At SDSU Global Campus, you’ll participate in courses taught by passionate professors who are influential contributors to their field of expertise. Our faculty is as committed to your success as you are. Whether you take our courses online or on-site, our professors will challenge, inspire, and engage you throughout your academic journey.

Staff members, instructors, and SDSU academic departments work in tandem to create flexible programs for all types of learners, no matter where they’re located or how they approach our programs. We offer a combination of online courses, hybrid programs, and on-site classes across a multitude of programs in order to provide a host of compelling options to students locally and internationally. And no matter how you approach our programs, you’ll be welcomed as an integral member of the SDSU Global Campus community.

From working professionals making a career change to lifelong students who want to continue their academic journey, SDSU Global Campus is a welcoming, diverse community filled with all types of learners. Our students want to learn from the best in order to do their best and achieve their personal and professional goals. At SDSU Global Campus, we turn classrooms into communities by providing everything from study partners to networking opportunities, creating personal relationships that live well beyond graduation. Our staff will support you throughout your academic journey, from enrollment through program completion and beyond.

Through an education based on insights into current issues and with the help of SDSU’s academic and professional networks, SDSU Global Campus will provide you with the skills you need to make an impact on your community, your profession, and your world.

We’re excited to welcome you into the SDSU Global Campus community. Together, we can create a campus without boundaries, united by the academic excellence of San Diego State University.

Radhika Seshan
Dean, SDSU Global Campus