We are SDSU Global Campus. We stand against anti-black racism and declare that Black Lives Matter. We actively work to eliminate systemic racial injustices and stand against racism in both the San Diego State University and worldwide community.

We are dedicated to the Call to Action Affirmation to advance student needs in times of racial crisis.

Black Lives Matter Call To Action

We pledge the following steps in an effort to speak out against and condemn racism, bigotry and hatred.

  • Start an organization-wide reading/book club to encourage members of our community to promote a better understanding of structural racism. The book club will focus on works by authors of color, specifically targeted at identifying, addressing, and eliminating systemic racial injustices and sourced from Black-owned businesses.
  • Leverage our website, social media, and blogs to support and amplify Black alumni, current students, and faculty.
  • Increase the representation of underrepresented minority (URM) staff to match the percentage of URM residents of San Diego County by 2023.
  • Cultivate a relationship with the Black Resource Center to determine how SDSU Global Campus can best create and sustain a welcoming environment for our students.
  • Develop scholarships for SDSU Global Campus students to be implemented in the next fiscal year.
  • Offer professional development to SDSU Global Campus staff, including the Racial Justice course we offer in partnership with School of Public Affairs, CORA Learning, and regularly promote DDI offerings to members of our community.
  • Dedicate Juneteenth to community service in the Black community and approve 8-16 hours of comp time for staff to volunteer with organizations promoting social and racial justice.