Want to take Osher courses next semester? Our spring course schedule will be available for review in January!

We’ll be offering a limited amount of in person courses.

Osher Office Hours

Osher Office Hours are an informational hour held weekly throughout the semester on Mondays by Osher Staff. Each hour is an opportunity for students to ask questions on a variety of topics including, courses, registration, membership, and what's new.

Osher Office Hours is open to members and held weekly on Zoom. You may RSVP your attendance (required) by signing up below.


Osher Opening Relaunch

Click here to watch our latest video of our Fall 2021 Relaunch Event. We look forward to reconnecting!

Updates to Our COVID-19 Policy

To help keep our community safe and healthy, all Osher members are required to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or request an exemption via the HealtheConnect portal. This requirement applies to our online students as well. Please note that you’ll need to upload this information this semester before you can participate in classes, visit campus, or take advantage of the other resources offered through your Osher membership.

You’ll need to use your activated SDSUid (SDSU account or portal) to access HealtheConnect. To do this, please complete the following steps

  1. Join Osher Membership
  2. Register for Classes (can do 1 and 2 simultaneously)
  3. Activate your SDSUid by reviewing the donotreplytosdsuid@sdsu.edu email you should receive within 24 hours after registering
  4. Login into your SDSU portal and upload your HealtheConnect information
  5. Take a picture of your Green Medallion to show when asked on campus

For questions about activating your SDSUid or to get the activation email re-sent, please call (619) 594-7343 during normal University working hours, or email hub@sdsu.edu.

If you need assistance, we’ll be hosting weekly Office Hours to help you through the process. You can also contact us for assistance.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Diego State University offers intellectually stimulating, university-quality courses for students age 50 and better. There are no tests or grades, just the thrill of learning with like-minded peers. Free campus parking is included.

Steps to Register for Membership and Courses:

  1. If you have an account, please log in
  2. Go to the Shop for Osher Memberships;
  3. Decide what membership option is best for you;
  4. Add your membership to the cart;
  5. Review the online “live” catalog below;
  6. Add your course selections to the cart;
  7. Click on "Check out";
  8. Log in or If you don’t have an account, select “Create a New account” (Whether you’ve forgotten your RedID number or need to get one, please enter your Name, DOB and SSN on your account and profile page to automatically create or retrieve your RedID number during the checkout process.);
  9. Complete the checkout process and pay.*

​*Please note that you’ll need to sign up for membership first or you’ll be paying non-member rates for our courses. You can sign up for membership anytime and how many classes you wish, but you need to register for a class in order to receive our membership benefits. Visit the membership page for more information about our membership.

How to Create Your RedID

Fall 2021 Osher Offerings

Osher @ SDSU will continue to work to get us back to the classroom in some capacity as soon as it is safe to do so and, in the meanwhile, our priority is to provide the same excellent quality of content via zoom.

QUICK LINKS: Aging, Finance and Retirement | Arts and Humanities | Personal Development & Special Interest | Politics & Current Events | Religious Studies | Sanford Burnham Prebys Discovery Series | Sciences | Special Events

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Aging Finance & Retirement

Free Lecture: Guiding Women Toward Achieving and Retaining Financially Independence
Instructor: Daniel Guillen

9/30 Thursday 1-3 pm 99800

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Arts & Humanities

Lecture: History Talks! Empire Builder: John D. Spreckels and the Making of San Diego
Instructor: Sandra Bonura

9/14 Tuesday 10 am-12 pm 99823

2-Week: Shakespeare's Macbeth: Play Analysis
Instructor: Kim Keeline

9/27-10/4 Monday 3:30-5:30 pm 99818

4-Week: Keeping Score: Film Noir and Neo-Noir with Jazz/other soundtracks
Instructor: Rebecca Romani

10/1-10/22 Friday 1-3 pm 99809

Lecture: Archaeology and the Bible: Their Sometimes Contentious Relationship
Instructor: John Spencer

10/5 Tuesday 9-11 am 99820

4-Week: Women saints: Can we learn something from them in the 21st century?
Instructor: Oliva Espin

10/20-11/10 Wednesday 1-3 pm 99811

Lecture: The Development of Transportation in San Diego: A Community Perspective
Instructor: Bruce Urquhart

11/2 Tuesday 9-11 am 99824

4-Week: World War II in the Pacific
Instructor: Blaine Davies

11/2-11/23 Tuesday 1-3 pm 99812

2-Week: Boogie Woogie to Electric Slide: Dancing in the Street in Popular Culture
Instructor: Anna Massey

12/2-12/9 Thursday 2-4 pm 99815

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Personal Development & Special Interest

2-Week: Mindfulness Self Compassion (MSC)
Instructor: Jacqueline Penhos

9/17-9/24 Friday 10-12 pm 99817

Free Lecture: Zoom Training
Instructor: Melissa Guzzetta

9/21 Tuesday 10-11 am 99819

4-Week: The Practice of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese technique for Energy Enhancement
Instructor: Yamin Chehin

10/28-11/18 Thursday 9-11 am 99808

Lecture: The Bonding Power of Social Distancing
Instructor: Wendy Patrick

12/3 Friday 1-3 pm 99825

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Politics & Current Events

6-Week: The Supreme Court's LANDMARK CASES: Their Context and Enduring Legacy
Instructor: Glenn Smith

10/8-11/12 Friday 10-12 pm 99804

6-Week: Equality, Fairness Liberty, and the Constitution
Instructor: Glenn Smith

10/20-11/24 Wednesday 10-12 pm 99803

Lecture: The Failure of U.S. Policy toward Regime Change
Instructor: Farouk Al-Nasser

11/30 Tuesday 10-12 pm 99827

2-Week: World Happiness Report; What's Changed from 2019 to 2021
Instructor: Nadine Bopp

11/29-12/6 Monday 10-12 pm 99806

Lecture: The Politics of Social Media: How Twitter and Other Platforms Have Revolutionized Political Speech
Instructor: Wendy Patrick

12/10 Friday 1-3 pm 99826

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Religious Studies

4-Week: Great Debates in Jewish History
Instructor: Rafi Andrusier

9/30-10/21 Thursday 9:30-11:30 am 99807

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Sanford Burnham Prebys Discovery Series

Lecture: Learn how new drug guides stem cells to desired location, improving ability to heal
Instructor: Evan Snyder

11/19 Friday 1-3 pm 99831

Lecture: How experiments with fruit flies at the International Space Station are helping human cardiovascular treatment
Instructor: Karen Ocorr

12/1 Wednesday 10-12 pm 99830

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Monthly Series: The Story of Food
Instructor: Nadine Bopp

9/8, 10/6, 11/10, 12/8 Wednesday 2-4 pm 99805

Lecture: Tectonics of Western USA and Associated Hazards: the silent San Andreas Fault
Instructor: Isabelle SacramentoGrilo

9/10 Friday 1-3 pm 99829

2-Week: The Immortal Microbe: Germs Are Forever
Instructor: Bruno Leone

9/16-9/23 Thursday 10-12 pm 99813

Lecture: Well Hearing is Well Being

10/6 Wednesday 10-12 pm 99838

2-Week: Charles Darwin and The Origins of All Life Forms
Instructor: Bruno Leone

10/21-10/28 Thursday 1-3 pm 99814

Lecture: Bird Migration: Marvels, Myths, and Mysteries
Instructor: Philip Pryde

11/17 Wednesday 2-4 pm 99828

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time
Special Events

Event: Osher Opening Relaunch
Osher Staff

8/13 Friday 9-10 am

Event: Free Virtual Osher Happy Hour
Osher Staff

9/10 Friday 12-1 pm

Event: Free Virtual Osher Happy Hour
Osher Staff

10/8 Friday 12-1 pm

Event: Free Virtual Osher Happy Hour
Osher Staff

11/12 Friday 12-1 pm

Event: Free Virtual Osher Happy Hour
Osher Staff

12/10 Friday 12-1 pm

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Course Title Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule
Aging Finance & Retirement

Lecture: Guiding Women Toward Achieving and Retaining Financially Independence
Instructor: Daniel Guillen