The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Diego State University offers intellectually stimulating, university-quality courses for students age 50 and better. There are no tests or grades, just the thrill of learning with like-minded peers. Free campus parking is included.

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Summer 2018 Osher Offerings

Course Title Dates Times

Preview Video Course: Cross-Cultural Communication
Instructor: Alejandro Castañeda


9–10:50 am

Preview Video Workshop: Intro to Furniture and Woodworking: Making a Shaker Table
Instructor: Liz Koerner


1–4 pm

Preview Video Lecture: The Labyrinth of Personal and Collective Memory
Instructor: Oliva Espín


11 am–12:50 pm

Special Event: OLLI Café


11 am–1 pm


Course: Chinese Politics and Society under President Xi
Instructor: Yifu Lin


3–4:50 pm

Lecture: Climate Law & Policy
Instructor: Kath Rogers


1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: Mozart's Don Giovanni in the Age of #MeToo
Instructor: Francis Thumm


10–11:50 am


Lecture: Diving Seals and Wandering Whales: The Past, Present, and Future of San Diego's Marine Mammal Community
Instructor: Annalisa Berta


9–10:50 am

Lecture: Our Water, Our Future
Instructor: Ehsan Goodarzi


11 am–12:50 pm

Workshop: Intro to Furniture and Woodworking: Making a Shaker Table
Instructor: Liz Koerner


1–4 pm

Lecture: Women's Literature in the Franco Era
Instructor: Sarah Heras


9–10:50 am

Edventure: Shakespeare at The Old Globe Theater: The Tempest
Instructor: Karen Kenyon


8–11 pm

Preview Video Special Event: Women Warriors
Instructor: Annette Hubbell


1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Course: Notorious: Christopher Marlowe and Edward II
Instructor: David Flietner

7/18 & 7/25

2–3:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: A Neighborhood in Flames: The Crash of PSA Flight 182 and Its Aftermath
Instructor: Alexander D. Bevil


11 am–12:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: Chaos and Fractals: Why Can't We Beat the Roulette?
Instructor: Ricardo Carretero


10–11:50 am


Preview Video Lecture: Atomic Culture in Early Cold War America
Instructor: John Putman


1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: 1968: The Year the Dream Died
Instructor: John Putman


1–2:50 pm

Course: Real News, Fake News? Understanding Current Events
Instructor: Mary McKenzie

6/21 & 6/28

1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: The Art and Science of Glass
Instructor: Keith Wahl


10–11:50 am

Preview Video Lecture: XETV/CW6: Roadkill on the Digital Highway
Instructor: Chuck Dunning


10–11:50 am


Preview Video Lecture: Nicolo Machiavelli: The Dark Prince?
Instructor: Bruno Leone


1–2:50 pm

Course: What Can We Know?
Instructor: Matthew Wion

6/15 & 6/22

1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: Meet the Men and Women Who Created Modern San Diego, 1909 to 1925
Instructor: Rosanne Goodwin


10–11:50 am

Lecture: Personal Identity: Is There A Real "You"?
Instructor: Matthew Wion


1–2:50 pm

Lecture: A Journey into Swahili
Instructor: Ann Johns


1–2:50 pm

Preview Video Lecture: Emotional First Aid: Practical Actions to Help Those in Crisis
Instructor: Shelly Pinomaki


2–3:50 pm


Preview Video Lecture: How We Elect Politicians in an Age of Instant Information, and Instant Gratification
Instructor: Wendy Patrick


9–10:50 am