Hello, and Welcome to SDSU Global Campus!

Dr. Karen S. Myers-Bowman, Dean of SDSU Global Campus

The staff and faculty of SDSU Global Campus embrace new technology AND connections to bring San Diego State University to you, no matter where you’re located or how you’re learning. We are committed to expanding access to SDSU by delivering innovative educational experiences to all learners and expanding opportunities for personal and professional growth and change, with the ultimate goal of transforming the lives of individuals, families, and communities. 

The summer went by quickly and has included some exciting milestones and accomplishments for our team. For one, SDSU Global Campus has been selected by Amazon as an educational partner for the Amazon Career Choice Program. Through this initiative, Amazon provides funding for qualified Amazon employees to attend college in order to advance their educational goals and enhance their career opportunities. We’re thrilled that SDSU Global Campus has been chosen to partner with Amazon on this generous program.

Also, over the summer, Global Campus hosted Fulbright Scholars from around the world before they began their studies at universities across the country. The students learned about the American educational system, prepared to be successful in their academic programs, and enjoyed sightseeing around America’s Finest City.

Through Osher @ SDSU, we continue to foster an engaging and vibrant community of like-minded adults who are dedicated to learning. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SDSU is a non-profit education program designed for learners aged 50 and better who want to fuel their passion for learning and develop new interests. Explore our Osher @ SDSU offerings and register for Osher courses here: https://ces.sdsu.edu/osher-register-courses

We also continue working on strengthening and growing our degree options while meeting dynamic and changing workforce needs and helping our students advance their careers with professional certificates, degree-completion programs, and enriching themselves with personal development. Keep your eyes on SDSU Global Campus for new and exciting educational opportunities!

SDSU Global Campus is a welcoming, diverse, and collaborative community filled with all types of learners. Whether you’re a working professional making (or contemplating) a career change, a part-time student finishing your degree, or a lifelong learner continuing your academic journey, SDSU Global Campus is your partner as you move forward to make an impact and start building something new.

Dr. Karen S. Myers-Bowman
Dean, SDSU Global Campus