Register Online Before SDSU Classes Start

The Open University program allows high school graduates, working adults, and students from other universities to attend SDSU courses if space is still available once SDSU matriculated students have registered.

Open University students can now register prior to the first day of class, after SDSU matriculated student registration is complete. You can select from the courses offered in SDSU's current class schedule. The registration process is easy; University admission is not required. Students are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites prior to registration.

How To Enroll in Open University:

  1. Check the University's class schedule for the courses you want, and to see which courses are open. Students are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites prior to registration.

  2. Register and pay online in any open class once registration starts. Registration in open classes may also be done in person, by phone, by US mail, by fax, or by secure email. For information on how to submit by secure email, contact CES Registration and Enrollment Services. Waitlists must be done online only.

  3. Use the online SDSU Wait List process during your Open University registration to request a seat in a closed class if desired. SDSU matriculated students have priority for all waitlisted courses. Open University students will be notified by email with payment instructions when they have been enrolled in a class that was waitlisted.

Fall 2019 Open University information sheet and walk in/mail registration forms are now available online.

Please Note: Undergraduate students who have been disqualified from SDSU will not be allowed to attend Open University or classes through the SDSU College of Extended Studies' Special Sessions until one year from the date of their disqualification. Graduate students will not be allowed for one semester following disqualification. Students who are accepted and registered in SDSU's regular program may not enroll in Open University.


Fall 2019 Open University Registration Deadlines
(Classes Begin on August 26)
Regular Registration
(Register in open seats and via automated waitlist)
Registration via Waitlist Only
(Instructors add students from waitlist)
Deadline to Drop
(full refund -$21)
Deadline to Drop
(with 65% refund*)
Withdrawal Deadline
(NO refund)
W on transcript
Instructor signature required

Change of grading option






*Students have until 7:59 pm on 9/9 to make any final adjustments.


The credit you earn is non-matriculated resident credit. Up to 24 units of Open University credit may be applied toward an SDSU undergraduate degree. For graduate students, no more than nine units of coursework taken through Open University prior to admission to an advanced degree or advanced certificate program are accepted for a program of study. Open University courses and grades appear on the SDSU transcript and affect your SDSU GPA. Enrollment limit for Open University is 18 units each term. Students who wish to register for more than 18 units must contact CES Registration and Enrollment Services at (619) 594-5152 or for assistance.


Open University fees are $282 per unit for undergraduate courses and $342 per unit for graduate courses (600 level and above). We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and Visa. Mailed forms are considered received as of the postmark date.


Drops are available online, in person, or by mail (no signature required). In person and by mail drops: Complete an Extended Studies transaction form, and return the form to Extended Studies by the drop deadlines. Mailed forms are considered received as of the postmark date. Withdrawals must be done in person or by mail only.

Please note: Instructors can drop Open University students for lack of prerequisites or non-attendance. Not all instructors utilize the instructor-initiated drop, so it is the student's responsibility to manage their schedule.

*Open University refunds are subject to a $21 administrative charge, plus ASB/student fees will be deducted after first class session.

Registration or withdrawal after deadline dates is by petition, only for serious and compelling reasons. Contact CES Registration and Enrollment Services at (619) 594-5152 or for more information.

International Students

Non-matriculated foreign students (nonresidents) from non-English speaking countries should have achieved a score of at least 61 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the equivalent, prior to registering in the Open University program.

I-20 forms are NOT issued by the College of Extended Studies; therefore, students cannot maintain student status by enrolling only in Extended Studies or Open University classes.

International students with an I-20 issued by another college or university may enroll in Open University. International students must maintain their F-1 visa status and I-20 with their current institution

Only SDSU matriculated students and those enrolled in the American Language Institute can maintain student status.

SDSU Online services

All Extended Studies students taking credit courses who need access to SDSU online services (WebPortal grades/transcripts, library, Blackboard, etc.) should create an SDSUid account. Upon registration and payment, students will receive an email from SDSU to activate their SDSUid account login. Once the login is activated you may use it for online services. For assistance contact CES Registration and Enrollment Services at (619) 594-5152 or


Open University students must register, complete payment, and create an SDSUid account prior to signing on to Blackboard. Please allow 2-3 business days for the process. For assistance contact CES Registration and Enrollment Services at (619) 594-5152 or