When can you start and finish?

Professional Builder courses are synchronous and offered in a monthly window, with instructor interaction and project advisement. During this window, you may start and finish the course as quickly as you like. Projects are due by the final day, when the instructor reviews your class project to determine completion. Knowledge Builder courses are asynchronous and can be started any time.

What kind of certificate is offered?

Complete any six Professional Builder courses to receive a Professional Certificate in Enterprise GIS from SDSU.

Will I have access to my instructor?

Professional Builder courses include access to elite practitioner educators for personal assistance, instructional support, and questions. Knowledge Builder courses are for personal enrichment only and do not include instructor access.

Do the classes have to be taken in any special order?

Professional Builder and Knowledge Builder courses can be taken in any order.

Will I be able to access a development environment?

All courses come complete with Cloud and development environments. Some courses require a special Enterprise student licensing which is offered at a cost of $100 per year.

What is the cost of the courses through SDSU?

Professional Builder courses are $949 each. Knowledge Builder courses are $299 each.

What is the duration of each course?

Each course runs for four weeks, with approximately 24 hours of coursework. The certificate can be completed in under one year.

Are these courses for credit?

These courses are non-credit. For an optional fee, we also administer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Will I have access to the career center?

Only students in the Professional Builder courses will have access to the career center. BootCamp GIS is dedicated to helping students find a job by advising in the building of a competitive graphic portfolio and connecting students to their vast industry networks.

What is the difference between Professional Builder courses and Knowledge Builder courses?

Professional Builder -- Earn your Professional Certificate in Enterprise GIS by completing six courses.


  • Interaction with industry practitioner
  • Advisement on multimedia portfolio
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Invitation to LinkedIn group
  • Graduates are showcased to industry partners
  • Match with a job recruiter

Knowledge Builder -- Courses are for personal enrichment only and do not count toward the certificate.


  • Access to professional network
  • Login to development sandbox
  • Invitations to live GeoExpert webinars
  • Courses are self-paced with no access to instructors


For any additional questions, please email gis.ces@sdsu.edu or call 619-594-3946.