The SDSU Certificate in Enterprise Geographic Information Systems at Bootcamp GIS

Your Environmental, Engineering, Planning, and It Staff Can Attain World-Class GIS Skills in Six Courses

Through a unique partnership with Bootcamp GIS, a San Diego-based leader in GIS training, this online program is led by industry practitioners who share how they use GIS technology to solve big problems. Through a series of intensive online courses, your employees can acquire the enterprise-level GIS skills needed to elevate your organization in the geospatial industry.

With organizations across the globe increasingly relying on location intelligence to make better decisions, the Geographic Information Systems industry is projected to grow from $9 billion to $18 billion in the next six years. In this tech sector, standard college courses are not meeting the demand for marketable skills at the intersection of IT and geography — including Cloud, mobile, database, and programming. Our GIS courses focus exclusively on the in-demand skills that your organization needs to make data-driven decisions.

Estimated Cost Estimated Cost
Completion Time Min. Completion Time
6 Months
Course Format Course Format

GIS Portfolio Highlight: Jeremy Harris

Program Overview

  • Online format for flexible scheduling
  • Web-based development sandbox using the latest software
  • Taught by experts around the country
  • Project-based using industry examples
  • Blended personal/YouTube instructional approach
  • Join a community of passionate students, instructors, and renowned companies

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The Location Skills Everyone Needs in the $18B GIS Industry
The GIS industry is massive and doubling with new job growth. New hires come from nearly every academic discipline and learn exciting new ways to put data onto a map. From geography and biology to business, statistics, and health, the opportunities for mapped data are seemingly endless.

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Three Ways to Take Our Courses


Cost: $397
These courses are for personal enrichment only and do not count toward the Professional Certificate in Enterprise Geographic Information Systems.


  • Access to professional network
  • Login to development sandbox
  • Invitations to live GeoExpert webinars
  • Courses are self-paced with no access to instructors


Cost: $697
This is most popular with convenient access to a class and access to expert instructor advisement sessions.

All previous features plus the following:

  • Interaction with industry practitioner
  • Advisement on multimedia portfolio
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Invitation to LinkedIn group
  • Graduates are showcased to our partners
  • Match with a job recruiter


Cost: $997
Purchase courses at this level if you intend to pursue your SDSU Certificate in Enterprise GIS. Choose any 6 courses to complete your certificate or individually to earn CEUs.

All previous features plus the following:

  • SDSU Enterprise GIS Certificate
  • 2.4 Continuing Education Units per course

Registration & Course Details

GIS Portfolio Highlight: Taylor Campbell-Mosley

Program Courses

Each Bootcamp GIS course consists of 24 instructional hours that can be started and finished flexibly within your schedule.  Complete any six Certificate Builder Level courses to receive an Enterprise GIS Certificate.

BGIS 600 – Turn Your Spatial Idea into a Successful Startup, Learn More

BGIS 601 – Build a GIS Data Portal for Emergency Services, Learn More

BGIS 602 – Using GIS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to validate your project, Learn More

BGIS 603 – Apply Geospatial Web Tools to Large-Scale Forest Planning, Learn More

BGIS 604 – Automate Data Conversion into an AWS GIS Repository, Learn More

BGIS 605 – Learn Python / ArcServer to Setup a Property Tax Application, Learn More

BGIS 606 – Design a Field Collection Workflow:  Smartphone to GIS Dashboard, Learn More

BGIS 607 – Build a Dashboard for a COVID-19 Hotline Calling System, Learn More

BGIS 608 – Leverage UAV (Drone) Data for Environmental Projects, Learn More

BGIS 609 – Agile Management of a Modern GIS, Learn More

BGIS 610 -  Define a GIS Framework that Supports Your Strategic Plan, Learn More

BGIS 612 -  Setup AWS Map Services for Wildfire Assessments, Learn More

BGIS 613 -  Leveraging GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction, Learn More

BGIS 614 -  Analyze Pandemic Food Insecurity Using Data Science and GIS, Learn More


Labor Analysis
GIS Specialist — Nationwide

Job Postings
Job Postings
Last 12 months

Projected Growth
Projected Growth
Over 10 years

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Salary Range


Corporate Discount

Organizations with a group purchase of 5 or more courses will receive a 10% discount per course.

For any additional questions, please email or call (619) 594-1556.

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