The Advanced Certificate, Residency Training for Radiation Therapy Physics provides students training in clinical and didactic radiation oncology physics to attain a level of competence that they can take on the responsibilities of a radiation oncology physicist in a clinic. Students will train in the clinic in dosimetry, brachytherapy, machine quality assurance (QA) and calibration, treatment planning and dose calculations, radiation safety, imaging, and special procedures (stereotactic radiosurgery, total skin electron treatment, etc.). Training will also include acceptance testing, commissioning, QA of various major clinic systems (linac, brachytherapy, treatment planning systems, etc.), and radiation safety/regulatory issues.

The admission minimum requirement is a Master's Degree in Medical Physics with a 3.5 GPA or higher. The certificate requires the completion of four courses (12 units): PHYS 701, 703, 705, and 707. For more information, contact the Physics Department at


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PHYS 0701 Clinical Rotations I

Clinical training in external beam modalities (megavoltage photons, electrons, superficial x-rays), including equipment selection, radiation protection, acceptance/commissions, calibration, and quality assurance. Theoretical basis and use of the various detectors and dosimeters associated with external beam modalities.

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Mauro Tambasco