SDSU’s Thesis Extension program is designed for graduate students who need additional time to prepare for their Comprehensive Exam or Thesis/Project.

If you’re a Plan A master’s student, you must be registered in 799A or 799B when you submit your thesis to Montezuma Publishing for publication. 799B is a thesis extension course designed for students who were unable to submit while registered for 799A.

799C enrollment is associated with Plan B master’s students who are preparing for a comprehensive examination (or other culminating experience) in their final semester. Enrolling in 799C is optional in nearly all master’s programs.

For “Leave of Absence” and other policy information, please consult SDSU’s “Orientation and Handbook for New Graduate Students” or visit

For registration approval, please email Graduate Affairs at

This program is designed for graduate students who need additional time to prepare for their Comprehensive Exam or Thesis/Project. For additional questions and to gain approval to register, please contact the SDSU Graduate Division office 619-594-5213.

Regular registration ($975): September 3, 2021

Late registration (with $25 Late Fee): September 4, 2021 - November 19, 2021

Deadline to Drop (with 65% refund*): September 4, 2021

Deadline to Withdraw (NO refund): November 19, 2021

After November 19, students must use the SDSU Global Campus Petition for Special Consideration process to register or withdraw.

*All credit refunds are subject to a $21 administrative charge plus ASB/student fees will be deducted after first class session. Registration or withdrawal after deadline dates is by petition only for serious and compelling reasons.

To gain approval to register or to ask additional questions, please contact the SDSU Graduate and Research Affairs Office, Student Services East, Room 1410 (619) 594-5213 or


Register Online, in Person, or Via Mail
After approval from Graduate Division, you may register online (below), in person, or via mail by completing and printing the SDSU Global Campus registration form. Bring or mail the completed approved form to the SDSU Global Campus Registration Office. You may also call (619) 594-2966 for additional information.


2021 Summer2021 Fall2022 Winter2022 Spring
2021 Fall
INT S 0799B Thesis Extension
Registration in any semester or term following assignment of RP in Course 799A in which the student expects to use the facilities and resources of the university; also the student must be registered in the course when the completed thesis or project is granted final approval.
Course Date(s)
August 23 - December 20
2021 Fall
INT S 0799C Comprehensive Examination
Enrollment in 799C (0 units) is intended solely for those graduate students who have completed all degree requirements except for the comprehensive examination (Plan B) option. Enrollment in 799C is not necessary if a student is enrolled in other coursework during the semester they take the comprehensive examination. Enrollment in 799C is limited to two semesters.
Course Date(s)
August 23 - December 20