Winter Session — Frequently Asked Questions from Departments, Chairs, and Faculty

Winter Session 2025 Timeline & FAQs

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Winter Session 2025 deadlines are coming soon. Check back for course proposal submission deadline and grades due deadline.

  • Winter Session Term: December 19, 2024 - January 16, 2025
  • Drop Deadline: December 18, 2024 (full refund)

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Who is managing Winter Session?

Winter Session courses will be administered by SDSU Global Campus, in partnership with the academic colleges, Academic Affairs, and Enrollment Services.

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What are the dates for Winter Session 2025?

Winter Session courses will run from Dec. 19, 2024 through Jan. 16, 2025.

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What delivery methods are allowed for Winter Session courses?

We plan to offer all Winter Session 2025 courses fully online via Canvas, which will allow students the maximum amount of time to complete course work.

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Who can take Winter Session courses?

Winter Session is available to current SDSU students, high school graduates, non-SDSU students, and working professionals.

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Are international students able to enroll in Winter Session?

Yes. International students from other institutions need to maintain their visa status at their home institution and meet the SDSU TOEFL requirement.

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Proposal Process

What courses can/should be offered during the Winter Session?

An important strategic goal of Winter Session is to increase graduation rates. With this in mind, colleges and departments should consider courses that would be reasonable to deliver within the compressed time-frame and help students in attaining their completion objectives. We recommend that courses with prerequisites are not offered during the winter term. SDSU Global Campus registration cannot check or enforce prerequisites.

Based on the responses from students who participated in Winter Session, we suggest considering the following types of courses:

  • General Education Lower-Division Foundation courses
  • General Education Upper-Division Explorations courses
  • Courses critical for the major and/or to achieve upper-division standing

Additionally, instructors proposing courses for Winter Session 2025 need to have offered the course fully online in a previous term.

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Will there be a limit on the number of course sections that departments may offer?

There are no limits to the number of courses a department may offer. Decisions should be made by the department based on student needs.

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What forms are needed to propose a course?

You’ll need to submit a Winter Session Course Approval Form. Please note that all proposals will require signatures from the Department Chair, College budget analyst (to verify overload limits), and the College Dean prior to submission to SDSU Global Campus. Proposals should be emailed to

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What is the deadline to submit course proposals?

Proposal deadline coming soon.

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Student Fees and Registration

What is the per unit cost for Winter Session?

Winter Session fees are currently $302 per unit. Please note that this price may be subject to change.

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Are employee tuition waivers/discounts available during Winter Session?

Tuition waivers and discounts are not available.

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Are students able to use financial aid during Winter Session?

No separate financial aid is available for Winter Session. However, students may be able to apply a portion of their fall and/or spring disbursements toward Winter Session tuition. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for any FA related questions.

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When does student registration open?

Registration will open in September 2024. Please visit for the latest information.

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How will students register?

Visit the Student Information tab for registration instructions.

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When is the registration deadline?

Registration deadline coming soon.

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Do normal prerequisites apply to Winter Session courses?

Yes, but we recommend that courses requiring prerequisites not be offered during Winter Session. SDSU Global Campus registration cannot check or enforce prerequisites.

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What is the maximum number of units a student can register for during Winter Session?

Students are allowed to register for a maximum of 3 units during Winter Session.

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Will courses have wait lists?

Yes. Wait lists will be first come, first served. We cannot adjust student placement on the waitlist, jump students ahead, or verify their completion of prerequisites or work toward their major.

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Will matriculated SDSU students receive priority registration?

No. When registration opens, any interested students will be able to register on a first come, first served basis.

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Online Course Development Support

Is it permissible to convert face-to-face courses for online delivery?

For Winter Session 2025, only courses that have already been converted for online delivery and taught previously by the same instructor will be considered.

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What support can SDSU Global Campus provide?

SDSU Global Campus has instructional designers prepared to work with faculty to guide the online course development process and assist in mapping course curriculum to fit the three-week term.

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Faculty Assignments, Contracts, & Compensation

What is the faculty compensation rate for Winter Session courses?

Faculty will be paid according to the Special Sessions 2322 salary schedule based on enrollment, course units, and faculty rank. Example: An associate professor teaching a 3-unit course with 20 students would receive $2,790/unit, or $8,370.

For enrollments exceeding 25, an additional $100 per student would be added to the pay. In the example above, the associate professor teaching 30 students would receive an additional $500, or $8,870.

Enrollment limits should be identified in the program proposal process and approved by the Department Chair and Dean. No course is to exceed 50 students.

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How do we determine if a course will be canceled due to low enrollment?

Every effort will be made to offer all approved courses once the schedule is posted. Any decisions regarding viability will be made in collaboration with the faculty, department, and SDSU Global Campus Program Directors. Viability dates for Winter Session will be announced soon. Faculty may opt to set a minimum enrollment in their proposal documents.

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Who is responsible for generating faculty contracts?

SDSU Global Campus will prepare and send all Winter Session contracts. Send dates will be provided soon.

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When will faculty receive compensation for Winter Session teaching assignments?

Faculty pay will be processed immediately following the end of Winter Session. We anticipate that instructors will receive compensation within 4 to 6 weeks.

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When are grades due for Winter Session?

The deadline for submitting grades coming soon.

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Additional Information


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