The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Online Degree Completion Program is a communication program designed for the twenty-first century. You'll learn how effective communication can promote civic engagement, allow for effective participation in today's global community, and enhance your individual well-being and the strength of your relationships. The program also focuses on social problems, giving you the tools you need to engage the issues facing our local and global community in a constructive manner.

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Fall 2023: Oct. 1, 2022 - May 15, 2023

With SDSU’s Bachelor’s in Communication degree completion program, you’ll learn how to develop integrated, interactive, and intercultural communication strategies designed for the twenty-first century.

This bachelor’s degree completion program is offered exclusively to current and former students from partnering local colleges. Select your college from the list below to learn more about the program offered in your area.


About the program

The SDSU Global Campus Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Communication Online Degree Completion Program is a communication program designed for the twenty-first century. You’ll learn how effective communication can promote civic engagement, help you effectively participate in today’s global workforce, and enhance your individual well-being and the strength of your relationships.

Estimated CostTotal Estimated Cost
Completion Time Min. Completion Time
2 Years
Course Format Course Format

Your online courses will focus on the principles and patterns of social life through the observation, analysis, and criticism of different types of human interactions, communication behavior, mediated systems, and developments in communication technologies.

You’ll build a foundational knowledge of the theories and concepts of communication, but you’ll also learn how to apply those theories to a variety of career paths, including marketing, social work, politics, business, journalism, research, and academia.

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What’s a Microsite Degree Completion Program?

SDSU’s microsite degree completion programs are designed to help current and former students at participating community colleges attain a valuable degree from San Diego State University without ever setting foot on an SDSU Campus.

If you've completed 60 transferable units, satisfied all CSU requirements, and have a 2.75+ GPA, you can earn a valuable degree from San Diego State University that fits your busy schedule.

Earning your degree through a microsite degree completion program means that you’ll have full access to the SDSU academic experience with online courses taught by SDSU’s tenured and tenure-track faculty. You’ll also have access to exclusive support services — including academic advising, coursework assistance, and guided group discussions — provided by SDSU and based out of your local college campus.

Through round-the-clock access to SDSU’s online courses, and with student services based out of your home campus ready to help, you’ll have access to a world-class education that will help you take your career to the next level.

What’s an Applied Arts and Sciences Degree?

Our communication program results in a B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences undergraduate degree. This means that you’ll need to demonstrate competency in mathematics by completing three semesters of college mathematics or a statistical sequence in order to graduate.

Please see the courses section for more details.

Is This Program Right for Me?

Our online communication degree program can help you learn how to communicate clearly and effectively in a professional setting. Graduates have found rewarding positions in a variety of occupations throughout the public and private sector, such as sales, human resources, training, education, and consulting. Many graduates have also decided to pursue advanced academic or professional degrees in fields such as law, management, and marketing.

All coursework is delivered in an online format, which means that you can complete your assignments and study the materials on your schedule. You don’t have to take time out of your professional career to come to campus, and you don’t have to put your other commitments on hold in order to earn your degree. You’ll also have access to SDSU student support services based out of your community college campus.

Upon graduation, you’ll receive the same valuable degree as SDSU’s on-campus students — a B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences in Communication from San Diego State University.

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What Can I Learn?

View SDSU Degree Learning Outcomes

Earning your bachelor’s in communication degree online means that you’ll have gained:

  1. An ability to comprehend, identify, and employ skills in debate, writing, verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, public presentations, teamwork and collaboration, conflict management, and professional interaction.
  2. A thorough comprehension of the nature, function, scope, delineations, and history of the communication discipline.
  3. An ability to identify, differentiate, analyze, and modify major communication theories, as well as formulate original theoretical creations.
  4. An ability to comprehend and differentiate major research paradigms, and the ability to propose and conduct original communication research.
  5. An ability to translate communication knowledge into applied contexts, policies, projects, interventions, or presentations.
  6. An ability to apply multiple perspectives towards self-understanding, in relation to your own and others’ (co)cultures, group affiliations, and identities.
  7. An ability to identify relevant evaluative criteria and apply them competently to self-reflection, ethical progress, and actual or envisioned communication situations and/or scenarios.

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As a student in this online microsite program, your lessons are led by communication experts from SDSU’s School of Communication, many of whom are repeatedly recognized for their quality teaching with institutional, regional, and national teaching awards. Your instructors are also recognized for their cutting-edge research in a variety of communication-related fields, including business organizations, family structures, healthcare, urban development, and social work.

Career Outcomes

Labor Analysis
Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies — Nationwide

Job Postings
Job Postings
Last 12 months

Projected Growth
Projected Growth
Over 10 years

Salary Range
Salary Range

Source: BLS & Burning Glass Technologies, 2020

With so many potential career paths, earning your undergraduate degree in communication is a smart career move. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 200,000 nationwide job postings over the last year seeking individuals with a bachelor’s in communication.

Job opportunities are expected to grow by nearly 15% across the country over the next decade, and jobs in California are expected to grow by nearly 20%. The average yearly salary for individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in communication is just under $58,000, compared to $40,914 for individuals holding an associate’s degree or less.

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Why Should You Choose Us?


San Diego State University has built a reputation as one of the nation’s top urban research universities. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranks us in California’s top 20 schools for communication programs. Our faculty are recognized internationally for their research and attract research funding from internal and external agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.


You’ll be joining an academic community that produces leading research in the field of communication. As an undergraduate student in the online communication degree program, you’re able to participate in that research through SONA, an online system where researchers post studies and recruit participants from undergraduate courses in communication. Undergraduate students can be chosen to become research participants in original faculty research.


SDSU’s online degree completion microsite program is designed to help San Diego’s local students who attend participating community colleges gain access to SDSU's online programming more easily. By accepting your existing coursework as prerequisites for the program’s upper division courses, you’ll be able to earn a valuable degree in communication in just two years of online coursework. You’ll have access to a full suite of student support services based out of your community college.


In order to earn a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Communication, in addition to any general education requirements, you’ll need to complete the following course requirements:

  • 36 Units of Upper Division Courses
  • 9 General Education Exploration Units
  • 3 Writing Proficiency Units 

Gateway Courses (6 units)

COMM 300: Conceptualizing Communication
COMM 350: Investigating Communication

Conceptualizing Communication (9 units)

COMM 371: Intercultural Communication
COMM 492: Persuasion
COMM 321: Introduction to Health Communication

Investigating Communication (6 units)

COMM 462: Ethnography
COMM 407: Communication Perspectives on Interviewing

Communication Electives (15 units)

COMM 307: Communication in Professional Settings
COMM 406: Organizational Communication
COMM 445: Relational Communication
COMM 482: Communication & Politics
COMM 485: Communicating Leadership
COMM 490: Internship

Communication Capstone (3 units required)

COMM 495: Communication Capstone

General Education Explorations Courses (9 units)

WMNST 382: Gender, Science, and Technology
COMM 371: Intercultural Communication
AMIND 440: American Indian History

Writing Proficiency Requirements (3 Units)

RWS 305W: Writing in Various Settings

Recommended Additional Courses

For entry to major or for students needing additional units to graduate
COMM 160: Argumentation (or equivalent)
COMM 201: Communication and Community
COMM 204: Advanced Public Speaking (or equivalent)
COMM 245: Interpersonal Communication

Graduation Requirements for Applied Arts and Sciences Degree

In order to earn a B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences degree from San Diego State University, you’ll need to satisfy the Mathematics Competency Requirement. To satisfy this requirement, you’ll need to complete three semesters of college mathematics or a statistical sequence, such as

  • STAT 250 - Statistical Principles and Practices
  • STAT 350A - Statistical Methods
  • STAT 350B - Statistical Methods


  • SOC 201 - Elementary Social Statistics
  • SOC 406 - Intermediate Social Statistics
  • SOC 407 - Survey and Experimental Research Methods

You can satisfy the Mathematics Competency Requirement with coursework completed before applying to SDSU. You can also complete the required coursework by enrolling in additional courses once you’ve been admitted to the program. Please contact your admissions advisor for more details.


Admission Requirements

Below is a list of general admission requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Communication degree completion program.

We understand that every student's academic journey is unique, and we encourage you to contact an Admissions Advisor to find out what you'll need to successfully apply to the program.

  • Have a minimum of 60 transferable semester (or 90 quarter) units by the semester prior to transfer. These courses must be complete with a grade of C (2.0) or better and cannot be taken for credit/no credit (Cr/NC). These courses include:
    • 6 Units Selected from the Following Courses:
      • Communication 160, 201, 204, 245
    • A minimum of 30 Units of General Education Courses
    • The Golden Four Requirement, which includes:
      • Oral Communication — complete a basic public speaking course or other communication course with a grade of "C-" or higher in at least 3 semester (or 4 quarter) units
      • Written Communication — complete a freshman composition course that emphasizes essay writing or reading and writing concurrently with a grade of "C-" or higher in at least 3 semester (or 4 quarter) units
      • Critical Thinking — Complete, with a grade of "C-" or higher, a second semester composition or writing course, or a course in reasoning and effective argumentative writing.
      • Mathematics — complete a mathematics course above the level of intermediate algebra with a grade of "C-" or higher in at least 3 semester (or 4 quarter) units
  • Complete the American Institutions requirement
    • The American Institutions requirement is designed to demonstrate that students have an understanding of American history, the United States Constitution, and California state and local government.
  • Have an overall 2.75+ GPA

Application Instructions

Please note that this program is only available to current or former students of participating colleges. To apply, please visit your specific community college page using the link below:

A $70 nonrefundable application fee is required of all applicants at the time of application.

Admission decisions are initially based on self-reported information provided via Cal State Apply. You’ll need to provide complete and accurate information on your application. Any misreporting will jeopardize an admission offer.

Please do not send your official transcripts unless you are offered admission.

Electronic transcripts are highly encouraged. Please ensure that you indicate this preference when making your request. If you are required to provide an email address to send the secure online document to SDSU, please use

For more detailed admission requirements and other application information, please consult our Transfer Admissions Information.

Financial Aid

This program is approved for financial aid. To begin the financial aid process, visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website. There, you'll be able to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

We encourage you to apply for financial aid as soon as possible.

Program Cost

  Unit Cost Required Units* Cost
Tuition $431 47 $20,257
Associated Students $19 47 $893
Technology $21 47 $987
Student Engagement $21 47 $987
Total Estimated Costs $492   $23,124

* Everyone is unique. Your admissions advisor will work with you to determine the right path that suits your needs.

The cost of this online degree completion program is $431 per unit. With fees included, this makes the total cost of the program $23,124 (subject to change). 

You’re also responsible for the costs of required texts and learning materials as well as incidental fees related to your application for admission and graduation.

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2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall2023 Winter
COMM 0201 Communication and Community
Communication as an academic and professional discipline, its associations and journals, history and traditions, relationships to other disciplines, research methodologies, and careers for graduates.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0300 Conceptualizing Communication
Communication theory, concepts, principles, and practices. Communication as art and process on micro and macro levels, integrates understanding of sources, messages, transmission, and feedback in creating meaning and culture.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0307 Communication in Professional Settings
Communication principles in professional contexts including interviewing and technical and nontechnical oral presentations.

Skill in meeting management.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0321 Introduction to Health Communication
Health communication topics to include patient-provider communication, health communication campaigns, supportive relationships, and public policy. Research methodologies, theories, and best practices in health communication.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0350 Investigating Communication
Study of human communication, from methodological and epistemological perspectives.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0371 Intercultural Communication
Study of communication with emphasis on influence of cultural background, perception, social organization, language and nonverbal messages in the intercultural communication experience.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0406 Organizational Communication
The organization as a communication system; role of the organization in persuasive campaigns; communication strategies and problems within the organizational structure.

Prerequisites: Communication 300 and 350. Admission to a major or minor in the School of Communication.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0445 Relational Communication
Theory and application of effective relational communication principles in both intimate and nonintimate contexts. Theoretical and empirical evidence on communication strategies and behaviors in relationship initiation, development, and termination. Relationship of communication behaviors to relational goals.

Prerequisites: Communication 300 and 350. Admission to a major or minor in the School of Communication.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0482 Communication and Politics
Contemporary political communication events and processes, with a focus on speeches, debates, and campaigns.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0490 Internship
Students work at approved organizations off-campus under the combined supervision of organization personnel and instructors. Internship hours to be arranged. Maximum credit three units.

Prerequisites: Communication 300 and 350. Admission to a major or minor in the School of Communication.
Course Date(s)

COMM 0492 Persuasion
Key variables and theories in the persuasion process; persuasive sources, messages, receiver variables, propaganda, brainwashing, cognitive, behavioral, and social theories of persuasion.
Course Date(s)

RWS 0305W.05 Writing in Various Settings
International students are advised to take Linguistics 305W. Composing effective texts for a wide range of situations in and out of the university. Learning to adjust textual elements for specific purposes, audiences, and settings. Enhances critical reading and writing skills by exploring how content contributes to meaning and effectiveness.
Course Date(s)