Financial Aid Overview

At SDSU Global Campus, we understand that finding, applying for, and receiving financial aid can be one of the most stressful parts of furthering your education. The good news is, there are many loans, grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid available.

Taking a course with SDSU Global Campus means flexibility — you can take your classes online and at your own pace. You also have financial flexibility, with full access to all scholarships and financial aid opportunities that San Diego State University has to offer.

If you are an SDSU main campus student who is enrolled less than full-time and would like to take an SDSU Global Campus course, you may qualify for additional financial aid. Refer to the Current Students page from the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website. Note, you will need to submit a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement here.

For additional registration information, please contact the SDSU Global Campus registration office at (619) 594-5152.

SDSU Global Campus Programs

Eligible non-traditional enrollment programs offered through SDSU Global Campus have slightly different requirements and processing procedures when you are applying for and receiving financial aid.

Here is an updated list of all the SDSU Global Campus programs that are eligible for financial aid:

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SDSU Global Campus Certificate Programs

Not all certificate programs offered by SDSU Global Campus are eligible for financial aid. In order to qualify for Federal Direct Loans, you must be taking a certificate course that meets the U.S Department of Education standards for financial aid.

Here are the current Global Campus certificate programs that are eligible for federal financial aid:

State University Grant Funds

While SDSU Global Campus students are not eligible for State University Grant funds, you would still be eligible for other types of grants, such as Pell Grants and other funds awarded through the FAFSA application process.

Learn more about the State University Grant program.

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Military and Dependants Financial Aid

If you are the spouse of a military person, you are eligible for free financial aid through the Military Spouse Department of Defense financial aid program. A variety of educational opportunities are available to choose from in areas such as health care, hospitality, technology, construction, and human resources.

The GI Bill is applicable, but SDSU Global Campus students who are dependants of disabled veterans are not eligible for the CalVet Fee Waiver benefit as part of their financial aid.

Workforce Development Financial Aid

More than 40 SDSU Global Campus programs are approved by the local San Diego Workforce Partnership for free tuition. The Workforce Partnership has specific eligibility requirements to receive this funding. Contact a Career Center near you to determine if you’re eligible to receive financial assistance for training from a provider.

Local Lending Institutions

Various local banks, credit unions, and lending institutions now offer private loan programs specifically for continuing education. Check with your local financial institution to see what types of programs may be available.

Company Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies and organizations have tuition reimbursement programs for their employees. Check with your company’s human resources department to see if you qualify. Some companies will also pay for the costs up-front.

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