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Online Degree Completion Checklist

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To stay on track with your SDSU Global Campus online degree completion program application, please complete the following steps.

Review the Transfer Admission Requirements here.

Meet the CSU Criteria:

60 or more transferable semester units (90 or more quarter units) completed

Completion of lower-division GE with a grade of C- or higher to include the Golden 4 requirements

  • Area A1 - Oral Communication
  • Area A2 - Written Communication
  • Area A3 - Critical Thinking
  • Area B4 - Quantitative Reasoning

Meet the Degree Program Criteria:

Required GPA based on program

Completion of lower division preparation for the major requirement with a grade of C or better

  • Business Administration: 27 units
  • Civil Engineering: 33-34 units
  • Child Development: 27-28 units
  • Communication: 6 units
  • Criminal Justice: 12 units
  • Economics: 15 units
  • Public Health: 29 units

Transfer Resources:, SDSU Catalog

Meet with your academic advisor/transfer counselor to ensure you are on track to meet SDSU admission requirements

Schedule a meeting with an admissions advisor to get prequalified before you apply. Email or call 619-594-7700.

Attend one of our upcoming events.

Apply through Cal State Apply.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for admission decisions.

You will be notified via email once an admission decision has been rendered.

Do not send transcripts unless you are offered admission.

Check my.SDSU for your admission status, application updates, transcript deadlines, and more

If you have any questions or concerns during the admission process, please contact your admissions advisor.


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