SDSU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online degree completion program is designed so that students who satisfy all eligibility requirements can graduate with as few as 49 units (18 courses) or as many as 55 units (20 courses), depending on writing proficiency.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be awarded the same degree as on-campus students — the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The diploma and transcript will not distinguish that the program was completed online.

Estimated Cost
Min. Completion Time
2 Years
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AACSB accredited
SDSU’s College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, all of its programs – both online and on-campus – are accredited.

Only students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program may enroll in these courses. Eligible students will receive course registration links for Summer 2019 via email by Friday, April 26.


Course No. Course Tittle SP1 SP2 SU1 SU2 FA1 FA2
ACCTG 325 Intermediate Managerial and Tax Accounting        
BA 300 Ethical Decision Making in Business        
BA 310 Foundations of Business in a Global Environment        
BA 323 Fundamentals of Finance        
BA 350 Management and Organizational Behavior        
BA 360 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management        
BA 370 Marketing        
BA 402 Exploration of Business Career Development        
BA 405 International Business Strategy and Integration        
FIN 327 Investments        
MGT 352 Human Resource Management        
MGT 434 Business Negotiation          
MGT 475 Leadership in Organizations        
MIS 380 Data Management Systems        
MKTG 371 Consumer Behavior        
NUTR 313 Contemporary Nutrition        
PHIL 329 Social Ethics        
RTM 404 Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism        
RWS 280 Academic Reading and Writing        
RWS 390W Writing in Business Settings        


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2019 Spring2019 Summer2019 Fall
ACCTG 0325 Intermediate Managerial and Tax Accounting
Theories, practices, and concepts to provide planning and control information to decision makers; tax considerations that impact managerial planning and decision making. May not be taken for credit by accounting majors. Prerequisites: Accountancy 202. Approved upper division business major or minor or other approved major. Not open to accounting majors.
Course Date(s)

B A 0300 Ethical Decision Making in Business
Theoretical concepts and dimensions of ethics in business decisions. Ethics of decision alternatives using different approaches and philosophies, with application of an integrative ethical decision model to cases from various business subdisciplines.
Course Date(s)

B A 0310 Foundations of Business in a Global Environment
Introduction to the program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Integration of various business disciplines to accomplish strategic goals. Presentation of the concept of global awareness, one of the fundamental pillars of global competency necessary in today’s business world.
Course Date(s)

B A 0323.02 Fundamentals of Finance
Objectives of financial management. Financing the business enterprise. Internal financial management. Introduction to the cost of capital, valuation, dividend policy, leverage, international finance, and the techniques of present value and its applications. Sources of capital.
Course Date(s)

B A 0350.01 Management and Organizational Behavior
Human behavior at individual, interpersonal, and group levels including effect of organization structure on behavior. Emphasis on managerial roles, historical evolution of management, ethics, and behavior in multicultural contexts.
Course Date(s)

B A 0360.02 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
Managerial concepts and quantitative methods associated with the design, execution, and management of operations and supply chain systems.
Course Date(s)

B A 0370.03 Marketing
Function of marketing in organizations and society. Strategic marketing planning in domestic and global settings to include marketing concepts, consumer behavior, market research, product planning, pricing, distribution, promotion, and influence of the external environment on marketing decisions.
Course Date(s)

B A 0402 Exploration of Business Career Development
Prepare students for careers after college and transition from college to career. Personal preparation and analysis of identification of best career options for each student. Prerequisite: Upper division standing in the Fowler College of Business.
Course Date(s)

B A 0405 International Business Strategy and Integration
Integration of business administration principles and concepts for strategy design, implementation, and control, in domestic and global markets. Establishment of top management policy emphasized through case studies, experiential exercises, and simulations.
Course Date(s)

FIN 0327.02 Investments
Measures of risk and return. Methods of security analysis, valuation, and capital asset pricing model. Portfolio theory and management; stocks, bonds, options, and futures; hedging; mutual funds and partnerships; and investment taxation.
Course Date(s)

MGT 0352.02 Human Resource Management
Acquisition, development, maintenance, and termination of human resources in accordance to goals of the organization.
Course Date(s)

MGT 0475.01 Leadership in Organizations
Leadership, communicating vision, initiating changes and innovation, and developing leadership competencies through self-assessment.
Course Date(s)

MIS 0380 Data Management Systems
Methodology for applying data base management systems in design of information systems. Analysis of data base applications from perspectives of system users and systems analysts. Prerequisites: Management Information Systems 180. Approved upper division business major, business minor, or another major approved by the Fowler College of Business. Proof of completion of prerequisites required: Copy of transcript.
Course Date(s)

Robert Brigss
MKTG 0371 Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior concepts and theories for developing, implementing, and assessing marketing strategy. Psychological, social, and environmental factors in understanding of needs, wants, preferences, and decision making related to consumption behaviors. Prerequisite: Business Administration 370 with a minimum grade of C (2.0). Proof of completion of prerequisite required: Copy of transcript.
Course Date(s)

NUTR 0313 Contemporary Nutrition
Food and nutrient classifications, functions, requirements, and recommendations. Relationship of nutrition to health, fitness, performance, and disease. Menus and recipes, food packaging labels, nutrition literature.
Course Date(s)

PHIL 0329 Social Ethics
Ethical issues of contemporary life. Individualism vs. collectivism; democracy vs. dictatorship; ethical problems arising in law, medicine, business, government and interpersonal relationships.
Course Date(s)

RTM 0404.01 Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism
Concepts, definitions, and measures of essential cultural components of tourism. Integrated view of interrelated socio-cultural tourism issues with an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. Prerequisite: Completion of the General Education requirement in Foundations of Learning II.B., Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Course Date(s)

RWS 0280.02 Academic Reading and Writing
Academic prose, emphasizing purposes, structures, and styles of academic writing, with particular emphasis on elements of argument. Designed to improve students' ability to plan, draft, revise, and edit essays, as well as to improve their ability to read and analyze complex academic texts.
Course Date(s)