According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the construction industry is booming and is projected to grow between 5–13% through 2024. As one of the largest industries in the U.S., the demand for skilled professionals and construction managers is high with over 400,000 jobs posted in the last 12 months.

Get acquainted with this fast-growing industry with our two introductory construction courses! Both of these one-unit courses are fully online, so they’re ideal for working professionals and students who value flexibility and convenience. After completing either course, students will be fully prepared to enroll in one of our more comprehensive online construction certification programs.

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Introduction to Construction

The Introduction to Construction course is ideal for individuals who are seeking a foothold in this growing industry. This course will introduce you to key components of construction, including:

  • Project management
  • Safety regulations and inspections
  • Types of construction
  • Scheduling
  • Materials

Introduction to Concrete

Students of the Introduction to Concrete course will gain a preliminary understanding of building materials and other key components of construction, including:

  • An overview of Portland Cement Concrete
  • Concrete installation techniques
  • Adverse weather concreting
  • Makeup and uses of asphaltic concrete
  • Concrete makeup, materials, and uses

Both courses are fully approved by SDSU’s College of Engineering and are offered in cooperation with the Associated General Contractors of America.

Courses 22SP I 22SP II 22SU 22FA
ENGR 0016 Introduction to Construction 1/18-3/27 4/11-6/19 6/27-9/4  9/12-11/20
ENGR 0017 Introduction to Concrete 1/18-3/27 4/11-6/19 6/27-9/4  9/12-11/20


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This program presented in partnership with a third-party provider is not taught by San Diego State University faculty. It is authorized by SDSU's College of Engineering for professional development credit. Courses offered with third-party providers are not degree-eligible at San Diego State University.


2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall2023 Winter
2022 Summer
ENGR 0016 Introduction to Construction
This seminar is an introduction to the construction industry, its parties and processes. Students will become familiar with the different types of construction, the parties and processes involved in a construction project, and develop an awareness of safety regulations, safety inspection, construction documents, and their uses.

Students will develop a working understanding of construction project management topics including estimating, project management, scheduling, close out and pay out.
Course Date(s)
June 27 - September 4
2022 Summer
ENGR 0017 Introduction to Concrete
This seminar provides an overview of Portland Cement Concrete, its materials, manipulators, uses, and installation techniques. Students will identify and analyze special considerations for adverse weather concreting. Students will study the makeup and uses of asphaltic concrete.
Course Date(s)
June 27 - September 4