The Construction Project Management program provides an all-encompassing overview of construction project management principles and best practices presented in a clear and concise format. Construction managers have a hand in every aspect of a project – from the planning stage with architects and engineers, to the budgeting stage with cost estimators, to the production stage with laborers, and the close out and occupancy stage with the owner and occupants.

Enrolling in the Certificate

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Employment of construction managers is expected to grow 16% from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average rate for all occupations, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Learn the principles of project management – from planning and scheduling, to the legal aspects of construction, contracts and insurance; and the principles of green construction.

The Certificate
To earn the Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management, students must receive a passing grade in the following five courses: Construction Project Management, Contract Documents and Construction Law, Construction Equipment and Methods, Building Green Buildings, and Planning and Scheduling.

Location of Classes
This certificate program is held online. Consistent access to the Internet is required.

Career Benefits
These online courses will provide students with opportunities to work through case studies, site related questions, issues, and typical job-related problems. Quizzes provide students with immediate feedback on their understanding of the content. Students set their own class times to complete the work due each week. (Students should dedicate about five hours per week, per class.) Instructors are active career professionals who bring experience and knowledge to the classroom.

This program is authorized by SDSU's College of Engineering. Students earn three professional development units per course.

Career Advancement

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 1.6 million new jobs for this sector by 2022, including more than 78,000 new construction manager jobs.
  • City projects, highways, government buildings, schools, residential housing projects, bridges, and roadways are part of the continuing demand for a construction workforce, all of which must be effectively managed.
  • As the construction industry continues to grow, so will the demand for skilled construction project managers.

To read answers to frequently asked questions, please see Online Construction Certificate FAQs. To contact the Student Services Coordinator, please email or call (619) 594-0845.


2018 Spring2018 Summer2018 Fall
ENGR 0031 Contract Documents and Construction Law

This online course focuses on understanding the relationship between contract documents and the construction process.

Course Date(s)

2018 Spring
ENGR 0032 Planning and Scheduling

Students will learn how to plan, prepare, and update construction project schedules in this online course. Through the use of case studies, learn how to define construction activities, determine activity duration, and assemble the activities into a logical construction schedule. Learn to create and use bar charts and critical path schedules.

Course Date(s)
April 9 - June 10
ENGR 0038 Building Green Buildings - The Contractor’s Perspective

The purpose of this course is to provide construction professionals with information that will help them to effectively bid, contract, build, and close out green building projects. We will explore the green building process from the contractor's and subcontractor's point of view. You will learn how to work with an outside commissioning authority to complete the job.

Course Date(s)

ENGR 0043 Construction Equipment and Methods

Students will learn skills and methods to help advance their career in civil construction, advance your understanding in how to utilize equipment, identify and understand construction methods used to increase productivity on the job site, increase awareness in how to budget for and utilize equipment efficiently. Students will better understand safety procedures associated with different equipment, learn how to select and budget for the best equipment needed for the job and understand and apply methods used in utilizing construction equipment.

Course Date(s)

2018 Spring
ENGR 0047 Construction Project Management

This course provides a framework for understanding the project manager's role, responsibilities, processes, and procedures. Students will learn the stages of the project, scheduling, feasibility, bidding and contracting, contracts, risk, claims, maintenance, warranties, and more. This is a paced, asynchronous online course. The course features a high level of student to student and student to instructor interaction.

Course Date(s)
April 9 - June 10