Constitutional Context
with Glenn C. Smith, J.D. LL.M.

Constitutional Context Podcast with Glenn C. SmithConstitutional Context — Five-minute bites of background about the Court and Constitution — provides unbiased information and context for fully understanding the Supreme Court and ongoing disputes related to democracy and constitutional law.

Learn to appreciate the complexity of constitutional questions, and make more informed decisions as voters and active citizens.

Constitutional Context is written and voiced by Professor Glenn C. Smith, a constitutional-law teacher and scholar at California Western School of Law, a visiting professor of political science at UCSD, the principal author of Constitutional Law for Dummies (Wiley 2012), and an instructor at the Osher Institute at SDSU.

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Turnabout = Fair Play?  |  November 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Time, Place & Manner  |  November 2018  Adobe Acrobat

The Constitution, Incorporated  |  October 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Libel to Stay  |  October 2018  Adobe Acrobat

On Justice Appointments, A Largely Silent Constitution  |  September 2018  Adobe Acrobat

A Tough Roe? (Part 2)  |  September 2018  Adobe Acrobat

A Tough Roe? (Part 1)  |  September 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Decisions, Please!  |  June 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Wanna Bet?  |  June 2018  Adobe Acrobat

It’s Not Just Politics  |  May 2018  Adobe Acrobat

They Say Jump...  |  April 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Guns, Young Adults, and the Constitution  |  April 2018  Adobe Acrobat

A Dissenting Voice on Gun Rights  |  March 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Compelled to Speak?  |  March 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Arbitrary & Capricious  |  February 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Federalism Fights Part 3  |  February 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Federalism Fights Part 2  |  January 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Federalism Fights Part 1  |  January 2018  Adobe Acrobat

Location, Location, Location  |  December 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Taxes and the “Least Dangerous Branch”  |  December 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Taking (up) The Cake (case)  |  November 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Taking A Knee and the “First Amendment”  |  November 2017  Adobe Acrobat

The Tenth Justice?  |  October 2017  Adobe Acrobat

A First-Monday-Week Firecracker!  |  October 2017  Adobe Acrobat

America’s Free-Speech Exceptionalism  |  September 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Footnote Fight  |  August 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Just How Privileged? (Key Points About Executive Privilege)  |  July 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Tradition! (Supreme Court Style)  |  July 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Comey and the Constitution  |  June 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Supreme — or Just One of Three?  |  June 2017  Adobe Acrobat

An Independence Dependent on Others  |  May 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Are All Religious Discriminations Created Equal?  |  May 2017  Adobe Acrobat

But is it Discrimination?  |  April 2017  Adobe Acrobat

With Friends Like This  |  April 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Understanding (Legal) Standing  |  March 2017  Adobe Acrobat

What’s A Constitutional “Originalist”?  |  March 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Executive Power 101  |  Feb. 2017  Adobe Acrobat

Attending (to the Electoral) College  |  Jan. 2017  Adobe Acrobat

San Diego and the Right to Bear Arms (Covertly)  |  Dec. 2016  Adobe Acrobat