How to Register

Call: (619) 594-5152
Click:, use the Osher Schedule at a Glance.
Mail: Send the Osher Fall 2019 Registration form to:
SDSU Global Campus Registration,
5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182
In-Person: SDSU Global Campus registration window located in the Gateway Center Building, facing Hardy Avenue.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm.Registration is processed by the SDSU Global Campus Registration office.

SDSU Red ID Number
San Diego State University uses a nine-digit student identification number called an SDSU Red ID as your primary source of identification for all transactions at SDSU. New students can create a Red ID online during registration or the registration staff will create one for you if registering by phone or mail. Students may also choose to purchase an optional SDSUcard.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter by email that will also serve as your parking permit; it must be printed in color and placed face-up on your dashboard. Room numbers are posted on the digital screens in our building lobbies on the day of the course. Additional information about Special Events will be emailed separately, closer to the date of the event. Students that do not have an email address will receive their confirmation/parking permit by U.S. mail. If you do not have a color printer, you may request that your confirmation/parking permit be mailed to you.

Late Registration
Registration deadlines are posted with each course in this catalog and on our website. Please register by the deadline for all courses and activities. After the registration deadline, students may request to register late with Osher staff approval and a $5 late fee, provided there is still room to enroll. Students should fill out a SDSU Global Campus Registration form, obtain the approval signature on the form (or obtain an email; print and attach to the form) and submit the registration in person or by mail. Late registrations may not be done online or by phone. For questions or assistance with late registrations, contact the SDSU Global Campus Registration office at (619) 594-5152.

Wait Lists
If a course/activity is full, there may be an option to put your name on a wait list. If a registered participant drops, those on the wait list will be contacted in order and given a 24-hour period to register before the next person on the list is contacted. If you put your name on the wait list before the registration deadline and a spot opens up, you will not be charged the late fee when you enroll.

Refund Policy
We strive to make your Osher Institute experience the best that it can be. However, we know that unexpected things come up or that you may change your mind. You may drop/withdraw from a course by contacting the SDSU Global Campus Registration office. Non-attendance or notifying the instructor does not constitute officially dropping or withdrawing from a course. Refunds are not automatic. NO refunds are due unless the course is officially dropped within stated guidelines in the refund schedule. Students can expect to receive refunds approximately four weeks from the date the request is received. Refunds may be applied against other amounts due the University. In some cases, you may be able to make an even exchange for a different class within the same semester. All Osher Special Event and Edventure fees are nonrefundable after the registration deadline and are non-transferable. The membership fee is not a tuition fee, and accordingly, cannot be prorated, refunded, transferred, or adjusted. For questions or assistance, call the Registration office at (619) 594-5152.

Osher Institute Refund Schedule

  1. Withdraw at least one working day before the first day of class:
    If class fee is less than $50 - total fee minus $5
    If class fee is more than $50 - total fee minus $21
  2. Refund requests on or after the first day of class. Unless otherwise stated, 65 percent of the fee will be refunded until 25 percent of the course time has elapsed, after which time there is no refund.
  3. Decision on withdrawals and refunds will be based on the date when notice is received by the College of Extended Studies. Drops/withdrawals done by mail are effective as of the postmark date.
  4. No refund is made for amounts of less than $10. Refunds may be applied against other amounts due the University.

The number-one way people hear about the Osher Institute is through a friend. We appreciate your help with spreading the word to potential new members. If you would like to bring a friend to check out one session of an eligible course, lecture, workshop or book club, please contact the Osher staff in advance to request approval to attend and receive parking information. Guests attending without prior approval will be asked to register and pay, provided there is still room in the class. If the class has reached its maximum enrollment, we cannot accommodate guests. All registrations are non-transferable, and therefore guests may not “sit in” for their absent friends in any Osher course/activity.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
The Osher Institute at SDSU is dedicated to providing an enjoyable learning experience for all students. When registering for a course or off-campus event for which you will require accommodations, please notify the Osher staff as soon as possible at (619) 594-2863 or