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Aging Finance & Retirement

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Lecture (In-Person): College of Health & Human Services - Advancing Health & Wellbeing for All
Instructor: Steven Hooker

10/14 Friday 9:30-11:30 am 99827

Discover how the SDSU College of Health & Human Services is meeting the demands of today's health and healthcare workforce, unlocking...

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Arts & Humanities

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Lecture (In-Person): Art, Life and Reputation at a Renaissance Court: Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso d'Este of Ferrara
Instructor: Allyson Williams

9/16 Friday 1-3 pm 99828

Lucrezia Borgia has one of the most scandalous reputations of any woman in Italian history, mostly developed after her death in 1519 by...

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Lecture (In-Person): Myths and Misconceptions of American History
Instructor: Constantine Dillon

9/15 Thursday 10 am-12 pm 99835

Was the Gettysburg Address written on the back of an envelope? Did the Liberty Bell crack on July 4, 1776? Did Columbus set out to prove...

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6-Week (In-Person): Femme Fatales and Exotic Locales
Instructor: Rebecca Romani

9/30-11/4 Friday 12-3 pm 99836

Where does the trope of the Femme Fatale come from? Is she shorthand for something? In this course, we’ll look at the trope...

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4-Week (Online): Cuban History through Mystery Novels: Havana Fever
Instructor: Oliva Espin

10/11-11/1 Tuesday 10 am-12 pm 99819

Do you want to learn more about Cuba, but do not want to read voluminous and tedious history books? This course will give...

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6-Week (In-Person): Developing A Visual Dialogue: Understanding Art and the Art Experience
Instructor: Damon Hitchcock

10/21-12/9 Friday 9-11 am 99821

In this course, we’ll learn how to understand art on a deeper level and explore its many forms and expressions. We’ll analyze a myriad of...

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Learn how Shakespeare’s plays were staged during his lifetime, including during the Essex Rebellion, the burning of the theater from a...

Lecture (Online): Joan of Arc and the Contradictions of Female Heroism
Instructor: Oliva Espin

11/16 Wednesday 1-3 pm 99803

Who was Joan of Arc? Was she a hero, a saint, a witch, a martyr, a patriot, a mentally ill person, or a visionary? She has been considered...

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4-Week (In-Person): Istiqlal: Cry Houria! (Independence: Cry Freedom!)
Instructor: Rebecca Romani

11/18-12/16 Friday 12-3 pm 99837

This year marks Algeria's 60th birthday after 130 years of colonial occupation by the French - one of the longest in African history...

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Lecture (Online): The Creation of the Panama Canal
Instructor: Blaine Davies

12/7 Wednesday 1-3 pm 99816

This lecture will explain how in the early 1900s the United States constructed an aquatic path connecting the Pacific and Atlantic...

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Personal Development & Special Interest

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

4-Week (Online): Travelogue: Zoom Around the World
Instructor: Linda Hawley

9/8-9/29 Thursday 1-3 pm 99824

Have you wanted to cruise the Blue Danube and see the cities along its route? Are you intrigued by the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal...

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2-Week (Online): The Longevity Dividend and How Older Adults Can Be a Change Agent
Instructor: Jonathan Schwartz

9/21-9/28 Wednesday 1-3 pm 99823

he developed world's population is rapidly aging. According to SANDAG, the 65+ population in San Diego County will nearly triple between...

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Edventure (Off-Campus): History Walk at the Hotel Del Coronado
Instructor: Sandra Bonura

10/4 Tuesday 10 am-12 pm 99831

Have you ever wondered about the "real" stories surrounding the Hotel Del Coronado? Together, we will explore the 1889 Ice House Museum...

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Lecture (In-Person): The Birth of the Beatles 1956-1960
Instructor: Chuck Gunderson

12/1 Thursday 1-3 pm 99832

The Beatles are the most famous pop group of all time. However, their rise to the top wasn't easy and it was filled with serendipitous...

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Politics & Current Events

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

6-Week (Online): What’s Up Doc(ket)? Inside the High-Profile Controversies of the Supreme Court
Instructor: Glenn C Smith

9/28-11/2 Wednesday 9-11 am 99829

By delving into some of the hottest controversies on the Supreme Court’s docket for the 2022-2023 term, gain a sophisticated sense of...

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6-Week (Online): U.S. Foreign Policy at the Mid-Terms
Instructor: David Bame

11/8-12/13 Tuesday 10 am-12 pm 99833

Do global challenges and foreign policy matter as we approach U.S. Congressional and other elections? This fall, they may matter more...

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2-Week (Online): Behind the Law in the News
Instructor: Glenn C Smith

11/9-11/16 Wednesday 9-11 am 99830

This course will explore current events with a focus on constitutional law at the Supreme Court and in other corridors of power...

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Religious Studies

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Lecture (In-Person): Prophecy in the Old Testament: Did the Prophets Really Predict the Future?
Instructor: John Spencer

10/6 Thursday 10 am-12 pm 99826

Was prophecy unique to the Hebrew prophets? Was there prophecy in Egypt and Mesopotamia? Were the prophets foretelling what was...

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Jewish civil law is not simply a system historically developed by Jews, but an inherently Jewish institution that reflects and promotes...

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Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Lecture (Online): Searching for Life Beyond Earth
Instructor: Steve Murray

11/9 Wednesday 1-3 pm 99818

Does life exist beyond the Earth? Will we ever find it? What could it look like? Answers to these questions might be within reach in the...

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Edventure (Off-Campus): Fascinating Flora & Fauna: San Diego's Natives
Instructor: Linda Hawley

12/5 Monday 10:30-12 pm, 1-2 pm 99825

How does a wasp drag a tarantula three times its size to its burrow? Why does a lizard do "push-ups"? Are you able to identify the den...

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Special Events

Courses Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Event (In-Person): Orientation and Zoom Training

9/9 Friday 10 am-12 pm 99838

Want to learn more about becoming an Osher member? You’re invited to join us for the Fall Orientation and Zoom Training to learn...

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Event Date(s) Day(s) Time Schedule

Event (Online): Osher Office Hours

9/12-12/12 Monday 11 am-12 pm N/A

Osher Office Hours are an informational hour held weekly throughout the semester on Mondays by Osher Staff. Each hour is an opportunity for you to ask questions on a variety of topics including courses, registration, membership, and what's new.

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Edventure (In-Person): Letters from the Front - San Diego State in WWII Presented by: Write Out Loud

11/17 Thursday 9 am-12 pm 99839

What was it like for young San Diegans serving their country during World War II? From 1942 to 1946, SDSU Professor Lauren Post...

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Event (In-Person): OLLI Happy Hour
Osher Staff

12/1 Thursday 3-4 pm N/A

While there’s a lot of learning taking place in our courses, it’s important to have fun and connect with one another outside the classroom in a relaxed, informal setting: OLLI Happy Hour…

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SDSU uses a nine-digit student identification number called an SDSU RedID as your primary source of identification for all transactions at SDSU. If you’re a new student, you can create your SDSU RedID online during registration by following the steps above. Our registration staff can also create one for you if you're registering by phone. You may also choose to purchase an optional SDSUcard.

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How to View Your Current Classes
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Late Registration

Registration deadlines are posted with each course on our website. Please register by the deadline for all courses and activities. You may request to register after the deadline with Osher staff approval, provided there is still room to enroll. Please note there is an additional $5 fee for late registration.

  1. Write to to obtain approval
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For questions or assistance with late registrations, please contact the SDSU Global Campus Registration Office at 619-594-5152

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How to Sign Up for the Waitlist

If a course/activity is full, there may be an option to put your name on a wait list. If a registered participant drops, those on the waitlist will be contacted in order and given a 24-hour period to register before the next person on the list is contacted. If you’re on the waitlist before the registration deadline and a spot opens up, you will not be charged a late fee to enroll.

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When Do Classes Start? When Do Classes End?

Our university-quality classes start throughout the semester and can be up to six weeks long. You will find the specific start and end dates for each course/activity listed with their descriptions on our website. These dates will also appear on the confirmation letter sent to you after you register.

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Who Teaches the Classes?

Osher classes are led by current and retired SDSU professors, faculty from other universities, professionals with recognized expertise in their fields, and award-winning artists and authors.

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Do You Offer Courses Online and in Person?

Yes, our offerings feature a mix of in-person and online classes. Please click on the Courses tab for details on specific courses.

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What is the Price Per Class?

Fees vary, depending on the type and length of the course. You will find each course fee listed with the description in the Courses tab above.

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Do You Ever Cancel Classes?

If we do not have sufficient enrollments to cover expenses related to the course, we will have to cancel the course. You can help by recruiting others to join you in the class. If your course is canceled, you have the option to transfer your registration to another eligible offering within the same semester or receive a full refund for your course.

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Where Do I Park?

Parking is conveniently located steps away from the buildings where classes are held. The cost of parking per class is $1. Please refer to the Parking and Transportation section of our Additional Osher Resources page for more information.

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What is the Osher Refund Policy?

Please refer to the Refund Policy section of our Additional Osher Resources page for more information.

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