The Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership is a series of eight half-day workshops (twice monthly) covering a broad range of management and leadership topics. Workshops may be taken individually with a letter of completion or take all eight workshops to earn your professional certificate.

Enrolling in the Certificate

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Topics include: decision making and problem-solving, effective communication, empowering people through delegation, effective leadership behavior, building high-performing teams, emotional intelligence, managing employee performance, and resolving conflict.

Make the Executive Decision to Enhance Your Management and Leadership Skills

As a manager, you already know the importance of soft skills at the workplace. Effective communication, emotional intelligence, problem solving, delegating, motivating, and team-building skills are all crucial to the success of individuals and the company as a whole.

If you want to excel as a leader don't underestimate the importance of enhancing your soft skills and bringing them out in your employees.

Cost per Workshop
Public: $199 | Preferred Partner: $179
Cost for Complete Series: $1199

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Core Courses

2018 Spring2018 Summer2018 Fall
2018 Spring
ML 0030 Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership Course Series

The Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership Course Series includes all eight half-day workshops (twice monthly) needed to earn your professional certificate. Workshops include:

  • Effective Leadership Behavior
  • Leading Winning Teams
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Productive Management of Conflict
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Coaching and Managing for Performance
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading in the Face of Change
Course Date(s)
February 27 - June 5


2018 Spring2018 Summer2018 Fall
2018 Spring
ML 0021 Effective Leadership Behavior

Learn a variety of concepts related to effective leadership behavior:

  • Leadership and leadership style defined
  • Leadership versus management
  • Leading teams
  • Behavioral styles and their relationship to effective leader behavior
  • Why self-assessment and self-awareness are critical in leadership development

Complete a mini DISC inventory, which profiles four primary behavioral styles, each with a distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. The DISC inventory can lead to professional and personal insights and has empowered millions internationally to better understand themselves and others.

Course Date(s)
February 27 - February 27
Steve Murphy
2018 Spring
ML 0022 Leading Winning Teams

One of the most important factors contributing to management and organizational success is teamwork, so it's critical that all managers understand the fundamentals. This course focuses on:

  • The foundation of team success
  • Identifying critical team needs
  • Characteristics of effective teams and potential pitfalls
  • Steps to work-group excellence
  • Leadership requirements for building trust within the team
  • Stages of team development
  • The role of the manager in a high-performing team
Course Date(s)
February 21 - February 21
March 13 - March 13
2018 Spring
ML 0023 Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Of all the skills that managers and leaders use throughout the business day, problem-solving and decision-making are the most often employed. In this session, you will:

  • Understand the close relationship between problem-solving and decision-making
  • Learn an eight-step problem-solving process
  • Master several techniques to use when making decisions
  • Identify when to use individual and group decision-making procedures
Course Date(s)
May 16 - May 16
March 27 - March 27
Lois Hall
2018 Spring
ML 0024 Productive Management of Conflict

Well-managed conflict leads to creativity, innovation and positive business results. Poorly managed conflict costs the organization in terms of money, quality, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. Learn how to:

  • Define and describe the causes of workplace conflict
  • Identify and implement five techniques for managing strong emotions
  • Utilize an internal customer-service approach to gaining buy-in and cooperation
  • Be 100% successful in conversations about serious performance issues
  • Set boundaries regarding offensive or rude behavior
  • Discuss the impact of intention for resolving conflict
Course Date(s)
March 21 - March 21
April 10 - April 10
2018 Spring
ML 0025 Effective Communication Skills

Increase your opportunities for more successful business encounters by enhancing communication skills that contribute to a harmonious and productive work environment. Learn how to:

  • Understand effective communication and identify barriers that prevent it
  • Assess your own communication style
  • Recognize the importance of influencing
  • Use non-verbal communication to help get your message across
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Improve your listening skills
Course Date(s)
April 4 - April 4
April 24 - April 24
Steve Murphy
2018 Spring
ML 0026 Coaching and Managing for Performance

Every manager is responsible for achieving results through other people, which involves maintaining and improving performance. When an employee needs assistance mastering skills and applying instructions, coaching is required. Learn how to:

  • Effectively set, monitor and manage performance for optimum results
  • Instruct employees how to recognize opportunities to improve performance
  • Provide motivation and a supportive climate to achieve goals
  • Provide both positive and constructive feedback for improved results
Course Date(s)
April 18 - April 18
May 8 - May 8
Lois Hall
2018 Spring
ML 0027 Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Teams are more creative and productive when they can achieve high levels of participation, cooperation, and collaboration among members. Learn the conditions necessary for effective teams and how emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a role in all three:

  • Mutual trust among members
  • Sense of group identity
  • Sense of group efficacy

The workshop presents a number of tested principles and gives participants a chance to practice and plan how to use new skills and knowledge.

Course Date(s)
May 2 - May 2
May 22 - May 22
2018 Spring
ML 0028 Leading in the Face of Change

Leading change requires planning, communicating and monitoring for maximum effectiveness and implementation. Learn how to:

  • Identify organizational and individual dynamics required to successfully lead change
  • Acquire the skills needed to be a change agent
  • Implement tools and methods to assist teams transitioning through change
  • Identify a new way of communicating changes using Future Focused Feedback
  • Implement a four-step process for managing resistance to change
Course Date(s)
March 7 - March 7
June 5 - June 5

Instructor Biographies

Tamara Furman, SPHR, ACC, BCC 

Furman brings 20+ years of experience as a senior executive leader, professional leadership coach, group/team facilitator, strategic OD/HR consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur. She has successfully helped privately held, publicly traded, and non-profit organizations in a variety of industries, such as financial services, sports and  entertainment, publishing, staffing, manufacturing, hospitality, electronics/technology, advanced education, and retail/e-tail. 

Jordan Goldrich

Goldrich draws on his background as a chief operating officer at the Center for Creative Leadership, master coach, licensed therapist and certified employee assistance professional to assist executives to drive business and team performance while developing the next generation of leaders. A specialist in resolving workplace conflict, he helps senior teams reduce the loss of money, people, and productivity associated with ineffective management.

Lois Hall

Hall brings 20+ years of independent and corporate business experience in training, development, coaching, and management. She has designed training and coaching programs and facilitated workshops for all levels of employees, with emphasis on skill and career development.  Her expertise is in leadership and management development, performance management, career management, succession planning, and customer service.

Edwina McKinney

McKinney has 20+ years' experience as an internal and external consultant to hundreds of companies in San Diego and Southern California. This includes extensive experience in assisting business and technical professionals to plan, develop, and implement strategic organizational objectives. She has considerable practical experience in teambuilding, meeting management, change management, and financial skills.  

Stephen D. Murphy, MS, SPHR

Murphy has 30+ years of experience in human resources, organizational development, leadership and management development, team development, customer service, diversity awareness and management, harassment and discrimination issues, change management, strategic planning facilitation, and training and executive coaching. He specializes in helping companies analyze performance issues and implement individual and organizational performance improvement plans.

Sherry Nooravi, Psy.D.

Dr. Sherry Nooravi is an organizational psychologist and principal consultant of Strategy Meets Performance Inc., a California-based leadership consulting firm. Nooravi partners with leaders of fast-growth organizations and their teams to help them create engaging, innovative, and productive workplace cultures. Recently named “Trailblazer of the Year” for her original research on CEO best practices, she uses her expertise in change management, team-building, coaching, and employee communications to connect strategy and performance in multicultural and international settings. A speaker and expert on workplace culture, Nooravi continues to conduct original research among leaders of high-performing organizations.