Whether you aspire to a career in human resource management or already work in the industry, the HR certification program gives you the foundation you need for designing, managing, and evaluating organizational programs. Our instructors work in the HR industry, and teach skills critical to recruiting and hiring, employee compensation and benefits, training and performance management. In the ever-changing HR landscape, stand out as a leader who can align your department to your organization's goals, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Estimated Cost Estimated Cost
Textbooks not included
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1 Year
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Customize Your Human Resources Certificate to Your Goals

Starting this fall, our Human Resource Management certificate program has four new electives – three of which are online – that give you the flexibility to customize your professional HR certificate to your specific career goals: Emotional Intelligence, Ethics in the Workplace, Business Writing for the Workplace, and Diversity and Inclusion. Take the required courses to earn you Human Resource Management Certificate or you can take individual courses to gain new skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply to your career.

A minimum of 25 units is required.

  1. Take the four required courses (10 units). We highly recommend taking Introduction to Human Resources as the first course.
  2. Select 15 units from the elective courses

No application process required. Enroll now.

This human resource management certificate is separate from the HRCI or SHRM-CP exam. For more information on those HR certifications, please visit www.hrci.org or shrm.org.

Prices and dates below are subject to change. All courses held on Zoom will take place from 6 pm—8:00 pm PT.

Required Courses (Must Complete All Four) Units Cost Day 22SP 22SU 22FA
BA 0020 Introduction to Human Resources 3 $549 Mon 1/24-4/10 6/6-8/21
BA 0021 Human Resource Management and the Law I 2 $366      
BA 0028 Capstone: Applying Human Resource Management 3 $549 Thu, last day Sat 1/20-4/09  
BA 0029 Human Resource Management and the Law II 2 $366 Wed 1/19-3/29    
Elective Courses (Select 15 Units)            
BA 0022 Talent Acquisition 3 $549      
BA 0023 Human Resources Training and Development 3 $549      
BA 0027 Performance Management 3 $549 Wed   6/18-8/24  
BA 0033 Compensation 3 $549 Tue 2/01-4/25    
BA 0035 Health and Safety Management 3 $549 Online/
BA 0058 Emotional Intelligence 1.5 $275 Tues, Thu   7/11-8/21  
BA 0059 Ethics in the Workplace 1.5 $275 Mon   6/6-7/18  
BA 0060 Business Writing for the Workplace 1.5 $275 Mon   7/25-8/29  
BA 0061 Diversity and Inclusion 3 $549      
BA 0062 Organizational Behavior 3 $549 Thu 2/10-5/11    

Meet Our Human Resource Management Staff

Photo of Sharonda BishopSharonda Bishop
Performance Management, Owner of Bishop Consulting

Sharonda Bishop is owner of Bishop Consulting, a human resource and training company serving the Inland Empire. Sharonda has over 20 years of human resources, payroll, and training experience. She works with employees and managers on a one-to-one level, honing their communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Currently, Sharonda trains supervisors and managers on subjects including supervisory skills, talent acquisition, project management leadership and organizational behavior. She has certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and Professional in Human Resource — CA designee (PHR-CA).

A graduate of Cornell University, Sharonda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Design from Claremont University, and is currently a doctoral student at DePaul University.

An active member of her community, Sharonda is on the Board of Directors of Inland Valley Hope Partners, as well as Professionals in Human Resources — Inland Valley District. She has served in Chair capacities in both organizations.

Photo of Renee Morales Renee Morales
Talent Acquisition

Renee Morales is the Human Resources Director for K2 Insurance Services, LLC. She's an SDSU alumna who also holds a Professional in Human Resources certification (PHR), as well as an SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP). She's been an HR professional for over 15 years, with experience in public utilities, education, and many other industries.

Click here to learn more about Renee Morales.


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Enrolling in the Program
Enroll in the program at any time, even before registering for a course. It’s free, and offers many benefits:

  • Secure your curriculum (should the requirements change in the future).
  • See upcoming courses when you log into your student account.
  • Track your progress.

Enrolling in a program doesn’t mean you’re registered for courses. You still must register and pay for each course you wish to take.


Career and Workplace Benefits

  • Identify the core competencies needed for a career in human resources
  • Build processes and procedures for a diverse and engaged workforce
  • Learn how to communicate processes and procedures to your workforce
  • Create an environment that attracts and retains top talent
  • Learn the fundamentals of performance management and developing your workforce
  • Understand the role of Cal/OSHA, safety, and compensation issues in the workplace

Textbook Required: Find textbook/course material information at www.shopaztecs.com/es.
HR Certification Institute (HRCI) approved provider.

Approved Provider for the HR Certification Institute

Location of Classes
SDSU Extended Studies/Gateway Centers, Hardy Avenue entrance, unless otherwise noted.

For additional information or advising questions, please email hr.ces@sdsu.edu or call (619) 594-3376.

Meet Our Human Resource Management Staff

Photo of Dawn MyersDawn Myers
Introduction to HR, Capstone, HR Consultant, BBSI

Dawn Myers, co-founder of Guided Leadership Solutions, is a Human Resource Consultant, Public Speaker, and Expert Witness for local employment attorneys.

In addition to serving on the board of the San Diego Hospitality Human Resources Association,  Myers teaches in the Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management program at San Diego State Global Campus where she previously served as as both a former advisor and board member.

Her 25 plus years of experience fueled her desire to help people and small businesses succeed. Her openness about her mental health challenges, as well as her accomplishments and failures, has earned her a high level of respect as a consultant.

She has been married for over 35-never-boring-years, has two grown sons that she adores and two granddaughters that have stolen her heart.

Photo of Jessica Ordonez-SteenblockJessica Ordonez-Steenblock
Evans Hotels, Emotional Intelligence

Jessica Ordonez-Steenblock is the Senior Corporate Director of People & Culture at Evans Hotels in San Diego, which includes the Lodge at Torrey Pines, Catamaran Resort & Spa, and the Bahia Resort Hotel. Before her return to Evans Hotels, Mrs. Ordonez-Steenblock was the Human Resources Director at Montage Laguna Beach, an ultra-luxury hotel and resort in Orange County.

Mrs. Ordonez-Steenblock's commitment to the human resources field and community is evident in her involvement with the Human Resources Association (HHRA), where she currently holds a board position. In 2015, she received the WIL (Women in Lodging) Connect Leader of the Year Award through the California Hotel & Lodging Association, Stars of the Industry Awards.

Mrs. Ordonez-Steenblock earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from Pepperdine University, as well as an MBA from Alliant University. Being a part of the community has helped her stay connected to colleagues in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, in addition to the San Diego hospitality community. Additionally, her passion for teaching and mentoring led her to San Diego State University, where she has been an instructor for the past decade in the Human Resources and Hospitality and Tourism Management programs.

Core Courses

2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall2023 Winter
2022 Summer
B A 0020 Introduction to Human Resources

HR professionals play a key role in making sure employees are individually and collectively able to achieve the goals and mission that define an organization – a broad mandate which covers a wide range of functions. This course will provide you a comprehensive view of HR responsibilities, including strategic and HR planning and international HR management. You’ll explore the connection between HR and organizational improvement, and learn foundational skills in policy formulation and handbook design and preparation.

Course Date(s)
June 6 - August 21
Dawn Myers
B A 0021 Human Resource Management and the Law I
This course will outline the legal environment affecting HR management. Students will learn from practical examples about the federal, state, and local laws which regulate and define the employment relationship. Areas covered include: laws governing union organizing; EEO and affirmative action law; health, safety and workers compensation regulations; leaves of absence and the ADA; and compliance with employee pay and benefit rules.
Course Date(s)

Megan Walker
B A 0029 Human Resource Management and the Law II
This introduction to California labor and employment law will cover a wide variety of workplace topics including wage and hour law, employee classification, minimum wage and overtime laws, meal and rest period requirements, and other Labor Code requirements. Additional topics include vacation, PTO and sick leave; personnel records and privacy; drug testing and background checks; and confidentiality and company trade secret protection.

In addition to understanding how California employment law interacts with the work environment, you'll learn how reduce the risk of employment-related claims and lawsuits. Guest speakers – specialists in California labor and employment law – will provide a broad perspective on how specific legal topics affect HR professionals, managers, and employees.

This course may be taken prior to HR Management and the Law I.
Course Date(s)

B A 0028 Capstone: Applying Human Resource Management

Propose and carry out a guided project that will allow you to demonstrate the HR skills learned and create a tangible product that will be useful on the job. For example, students completing this course have drafted new policies and compliance plans for their companies, developed compensation programs to motivate sales people in their organization, planned new employee orientation programs, and created green plans to promote sustainability throughout their companies.

Approval is needed to enroll in capstone. Please contact hr.ces@sdsu.edu for more information.
Course Date(s)


Elective Courses

2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall2023 Winter
B A 0022 Talent Acquisition
The ability to recruit and retain talent is a key success factor in business today. This course will lead you through the three stages of strategic staffing, teaching you the practical, work-ready skills you need to accurately assess the needs of your organization, navigate the selection process, and lead interviews that allow you to identify and recruit the best candidate.
Course Date(s)

Dari DeSousa
B A 0023 Human Resources Training and Development
Maintaining a highly productive workforce through the use of training will be covered in this course. Students will learn about the training function and its relationship to a high performing organization. Also included will be an examination of teambuilding techniques as part of the human resource function.
Course Date(s)

2022 Summer
B A 0027 Performance Management
This course explores HR's role in establishing a credible performance management system to help an organization maximize productivity. Students will learn strategies and methods for developing assessment tools, evaluating performance, diagnosing performance problems, coaching and counseling, improving employee communication, and offering career guidance.
Course Date(s)
June 8 - August 24
B A 0033 Compensation
Each major foundational aspect of employee compensation will be reviewed in this class. Students will learn a practical approach to building a sound compensation program through lectures, case studies, and team projects. Topics will include job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, salary surveys, salary structures, pay for performance, benefits administration, and incentives.
Course Date(s)

Reem Zaghal
B A 0035 Health and Safety Management

Learn the fundamental components of a comprehensive health and safety program to protect the employees in your organization and avoid costly liability. You’ll learn about Cal-OSHA requirements, risk management and loss prevention, workers’ compensation claims, employee assistance plans, preventative health issues, ADA compliance, and more.

Course Date(s)

Lawrence Willis
2022 Summer
B A 0058 Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Advanced-Problem Solving in the Workplace. In this interactive online course, learn the meaning and purpose of emotional intelligence (E.I.) with regard to personal and social competence. Through instructor mentoring, group discussions, in-class and out-of-class assignments, and personal journaling, you will learn:

  • The four critical skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.
  • How to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions; take an emotional intelligence test for a comprehensive view of your E.I.
  • How to identify behaviors that are hallmarks of high emotional intelligence, and explore its connection to advanced workplace performance.
  • How to increase your E.I. skills and your ability to influence others.
  • A variety of skills to address workplace conflict, and improve communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • How to be strengths-focused, and how character and competence build credibility and trust in the workplace.
Course Date(s)
July 11 - August 21
2022 Summer
B A 0059 Ethics in the Workplace

HR professionals today are responsible for adding value to the organizations they serve and contributing to the ethical success of those organizations; HR professionals function as a key source of ethical awareness for managers and employees. This course heightens awareness of when integrity and an understanding of ethical issues are required, not only when advising others, but also when addressing the issues HR professionals face. Students learn to recognize the parts of their jobs in which ethical issues are most likely to be experienced, to develop solutions, evaluate their impacts, and decide on a course of action. Additionally, students understand the impact of cultural and organizational pressures to conform; identify when to escalate issues and to whom; know the early warning signals of conflict between personal and work values; and assess how to maintain personal integrity.

Course Date(s)
June 6 - July 17
Dari DeSousa
2022 Summer
B A 0060 Business Writing for the Workplace
The digital workplace is a writing intensive environment. From internal office email to building a social media brand, writing has become a leading form of communication across industries. Professional reputations are built on how effectively a staff member conveys ideas in writing. Learn the essentials of style, grammar, and diction; and how to craft clear and concise written communications for workplace success: emails, memos, reports, and presentations.
Course Date(s)
July 25 - August 29
Renee Merrill
B A 0061 Diversity and Inclusion
In today’s workplace Diversity and Inclusion is vital. Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates means a more qualified workforce. A diverse and inclusive workforce helps businesses avoid employee turnover costs. Diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workplace. Businesses need to adapt to our changing nation to be competitive in the economic market. Studies show that teams or organizations made up of individuals with a more diverse mix of qualities, experiences and work styles tend to have available a richer set of ideas, perspectives and approaches to a business issue.
Course Date(s)

Sharonda Bishop


2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall2023 Winter
B A 0062 Organizational Behavior
This course introduces you to the study of human behavior (both as individuals and in groups) within the context of an organization. The primary goal of this course is to help you develop your potential to be an effective team member and manager of people. A combination of lecture zoom class discussion, and independent self-study will be utilized to facilitate learning and to encourage you to analyze, evaluate, and apply the course-related content. Course topics include:
  • Leadership & decision-making
  • Facilitating and maintaining work motivation
  • Developing and refining team processes
  • Managing individual differences
  • Understanding work attitudes and values
  • Understanding and creating organizational culture.
Course Date(s)

Sharonda Bishop

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