San Diego and California are home to thousands of nonprofit organizations, including nonprofit organizations like community food banks, mentoring programs, health clinics, art organizations, environmental organizations,as well as school districts and local governments. These organizations must compete for funding in an increasingly challenging funding environment. Grant writing is a key component of securing funding for many of San Diego's most dynamic organizations.

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10 weeks
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To complete the Professional Certificate in Grant Writing, complete two courses: Introduction to Grants and Funding Research and Grant Proposal Development.

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Market-Driven Demand
Nonprofits, school districts and local governments regularly seek staff and consultants with comprehensive writing, research, and strategic skills to obtain grant funding.

During the Professional certificate Certificate in Grant Writing program, students will learn how to identify funding prospects, understand grant guidelines, and develop a compelling program narrative and budget. Students will also learn how to strengthen an organization to compete for funds.

Students will learn how to construct a proposal that is clear, persuasive, and aligns the priorities of various funders.

Who Should Enroll
New grant writers, employees from nonprofit organizations, city and county governments, chambers of commerce, education (private and public), public health, social work, as well as independent consultants and grant writers. The first course in the grant writing sequence is for those with no or little prior experience developing grant proposals. The second course in the sequence provides students of all levels with an opportunity to practice and develop grant writing skills.

The course is focused on nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations that provide charitable or public benefit services. The course is not oriented toward research grants or grants for individuals or businesses.


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Fundraising Manager — Nationwide

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Core Courses

2021 Summer2021 Fall2022 Winter2022 Spring
GW 0001 Introduction to Grants and Funding Research

This course will prepare you to write successful grant proposals for nonprofit organizations or tax-exempt institutions (we do not focus on research institutions, businesses or individuals).

You will learn how to successfully research funding prospects, interact with those funders, and plan to write a grant proposal. We will explore why grants are funded, and what motivates a grantor to award a grant. You will also develop a brief letter of inquiry proposal, receiving feedback and guidance on improving your request. The course will also guide you on creating a plan to track, manage, and plan your grant proposals.

Course Date(s)

Jay Katz
2022 Spring
GW 0002 Grant Proposal Development

This course will prepare you to write successful grant proposals for nonprofit organizations or tax-exempt institutions (we do not focus on research institutions, businesses or individuals).

You will learn how to develop a compelling, effective grant proposal, including the proposal narrative and budget. You will gain an understanding of federal, state, and private foundation grant guidelines. The course will help you learn how to make your grant proposal stand out. You will have the opportunity to practice writing elements of the proposal with support and guidance from an expert in the field. The course will also provide you with example grant proposals, and you will review those proposals for strengths and weaknesses with your fellow students.

Course Date(s)
February 28 - April 3
Jay Katz


2021 Summer2021 Fall2022 Winter2022 Spring

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