This program is for individuals who are mid-level managers with 5 to 15 years of experience and who aspire to advance to the next level of leadership as a director, general manager, or CEO within a hospitality, recreation, or tourism organization or agency. And, experienced professionals who wish to continue their education while maintaining their current positions within the industry.

This program focuses on the development of strategic leadership, analytical and administrative organizational skills specific to the hospitality and tourism industry in a context that we believe is unique.


2018 Summer2018 Fall2019 Spring
HTM 0651 Financial Analysis in HTM

Financial decision-making in a hospitality/tourism/recreation context to include analysis of financial statements, capital projects, deploying capital effectively, asset management, battling marginal compression, return on investment, optimizing return performance. Case studies and projects provide practical experience.
Prerequisites: Hospitality and Tourism Management 601 and 602

Course Date(s)

HTM 0682 Sustainability in Hospitality, Recreation, & Tourism Organizations

Development of a comprehensive sustainability management system incorporation marketing and communication, goal setting, developing performance indicators and metrics, benchmarking, and strategies for ongoing, measurable, sustainability performance improvement.

Course Date(s)

Jess Ponting
HTM 0780 Strategy Development and Critical Analysis in HTM

Case study analysis requiring command of all previously delivered program course material to include data analysis, effective teamwork and leadership, and overall organizational assessment.

Course Date(s)

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Deadline: July 1, 2018



  • Close the gap needed to move from basic leadership/managerial positions into complex leadership positions in national and multi-national organizations in this growing field
  • Prepare for the transition into positions requiring greater responsibility and accountability
  • Take advantage of a blended method of instruction using intensive, on-campus instruction complemented by online teaching and off-campus experiential activities/projects
  • Gain skills for the increasingly complex and demanding role of leading in the "memories" business
  • Innovate within your organization while developing your own skill set
  • Expand your ability to make a difference in the HTM marketplace
  • Enhance your self-confidence and sense of personal mastery
  • Become a leader in hospitality, recreation, and tourism organizations successfully into the 2020s and beyond

Time Involved (in succession)

  • 7 days of on-campus team-building projects and leadership exercises
  • 17 months of online instruction
  • 7 days of on-campus capstone experience (final)

Courses (30 units)

  • HTM 601 - Leadership Immersion (3)
  • HTM 602 - Theoretical Foundations in Leadership and Management (3)
  • HTM 651 - Financial Management (3)
  • HTM 653 - Leading in Complex Human Systems (4)
  • HTM 655 - 21st Century Marketing (3)
  • HTM 680 - Mastering Technology (3)
  • HTM 682 - Going Green (2)
  • HTM 690 - Systems Problem Resolution (3)
  • HTM 780 - Capstone Case Solution and Presentation (3)
  • HTM 790 - Directed readings in Hospitality and Leadership (3)


Sean BrodyThe SDSU Master's in Hospitality and Tourism Management fits right into my life's passion. I am planning on getting my Master's while I work in Liberia - the online portion of the program fits perfectly with my career goals and current work situation.

~ Sean Brody, Founder/CEO, Surf Resource Network