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Created by the San Diego State University (SDSU) L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, the Meeting and Event Management Master's is the first graduate-level program in the U.S. designed to elevate meeting professionals to business event strategists. Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the world's largest and leading professional association for meeting and event planners, has provided key insights and industry-leading expertise that's helped us create a leadership program to help you take the next step in your career.

Application deadline: June 1 | Cohort begins Aug 2, 2020

About the program

The Master’s in Meeting and Event Management program is a graduate-level program designed to help you advance your career and your professional as a whole.

The coursework is designed and taught by passionate, experienced instructors dedicated to helping you succeed throughout the program and beyond. Many members of our faculty are high-level executives and leaders in the meetings and events industry. Our program is a community of driven leaders, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect and network with your classmates, instructors, and alumni throughout the program. You’ll even get to spend two weeks at San Diego State University’s beautiful campus.

Through one-on-one mentorship opportunities, frequent networking opportunities, and a personalized Leadership Development Plan, you’ll have the tools you need to become a stronger leader and an agent of change in your profession.

At a Glance

  • Leadership program with personalized hands-on coursework
  • Program includes 2 weeks in
    San Diego
  • Gain a mentor and expand your network
  • Cohort based - students go through the program together
  • No thesis required, students complete a capstone project
  • Real World Content
Tuition Cost
Min. Completion Time
18 Months
Course Format
Plus two weeks on SDSU campus

Program is perfect for...

The Master’s in Meeting and Event Management program is designed for experienced professionals with around 5-15 years of experience in some type of meetings and events-related industry, such as:

  • Certified Meeting Managers (CMMs)
  • Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs)
  • Corporate Meeting Planning
  • Third Party Planning
  • Group Sales
  • Convention Services
  • Destination Management
  • Audio Visual and Production

Our program is ideal for dedicated, driven professionals who envision themselves taking on a high-level leadership role in their profession, like a director, general manager, or CEO.

As many of our students are working professionals, all coursework is designed with flexibility in mind. Because the vast majority of the coursework is completely online, you can easily integrate your program into your busy schedule without putting your professional life on hold.

What you can learn

Our online meetings and events management program will help you become a leader in your industry. Our courses will help you take those next steps in your career by focusing on a variety of topics, including strategic leadership, stakeholder management, finances, business analytics, change management, and marketing. Students will learn about these topics from dedicated, experienced members faculty, many of whom also teach courses on SDSU’s main campus. Our courses are supplemented by frequent networking opportunities and on-site learning experiences with high-level meetings and events executives.

Application deadline: June 1 | Cohort begins Aug 2, 2020

Why Should You Choose Us?


All of our students are paired with an experienced mentor at the beginning of the program. This mentor is a high-level leader with extensive experience in the meetings and events industry. Throughout the program, your mentor will help you with your coursework and your professional life by offering advice and guiding you towards success. You’ll gain a meaningful, professional connection with someone who has years of experience to share, and this connection is built to last well beyond your graduation.


We designed our program with today’s professionals in mind. Other than two weeks spent on San Diego State University’s beautiful campus, the entirety of this 18-month program is completely online. This means that you can take your courses and complete your assignments without putting your professional life on hold. Best of all, the coursework is practical, which means that many of the lessons that you learn can be applied to your job the very next day.


This leadership degree is applicable to more than 100 hospitality and tourism-related industries and virtually any career path.

Proven Results:

Research shows that event managers with a graduate degree make $8,000 more per year than those with a bachelor’s degree (Burning Glass Technologies, 2019). This program incorporates facets that are proven to drive measurable return on investment, including networking with industry leaders, mentorship matching, and a career-changing capstone project.

Be one of the first to earn your master’s degree in meeting and event management. Work on your own schedule, advance your career, and shape the future of meeting and event planning.

Time Involved (in succession)

  • 1 week of on-campus team-building projects and leadership exercises at SDSU. Week long immersion program, full-time and all day.
  • 17 months of online instruction in 8 courses. The online courses are manageable 10-12 hours per week of readin, assignments, and forum discussions that can be completed on your schedule.
  • 1 week of on-campus capstone experience at SDSU, full-time & all-day.


Labor Analysis
M.S. Hospitality Graduate — Nationwide

Job Postings
Job Postings
Last 12 months

Projected Growth
Projected Growth
Over 10 years

Salary Range
Salary Range


2020 Spring2020 Summer2020 Fall
HTM 0601.01 Leadership Explorations and Applications in HTM
Concepts, theories, and techniques of leadership as applied to hospitality, tourism, and recreation organizations, and businesses. Experience in teamwork, interpersonal networks, managing change and conflict, controlling environmental factors.
Course Date(s)

HTM 0602.01 Theoretical Foundations in Leadership and Management in HTM
Directed reading and discussion of textual materials designed as an underpinning for future coursework and analytical projects pertaining to leadership and management in the hospitality, tourism, and recreation professions.
Course Date(s)

HTM 0663 Leading in Complex Human Systems in Meetings and Events
A systems approach to leadership with a focus on self, relationships, and context within the hospitality and tourism industry. Investigates historical and contemporary leadership theory and its application to today’s Meetings & Events operating environment.
Course Date(s)



In order to apply to the Master’s in Meets and Events Management program at SDSU World Campus, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Ideally, you should also have experience in the hospitality and tourism industry.

If you’re a domestic applicant, SDSU requires that you have a minimum 2.85 undergraduate GPA. International applicants are required to have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Under special considerations, we may consider applicants with a GPA below 2.85 for admission.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, but you do have a track record of superior leadership, you may be accepted accepted into the program and receive a special certification upon completion.

All applicants are required to take either the GRE or the GMAT. These exams can be waived if you hold an advanced degree (such as an MBA, MS, MA, Ph.D., JD, etc.) from an institution that is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools.


While most master’s programs cost between $60,000-$120,000, our program tuition is just $29,250. Financial aid is also readily available, and with the vast majority of the program taught in an online format, you don’t have to worry about putting your professional life on hold. Plus books and travel expenses for the on campus weeks.

How to Apply

The application process for both programs consists of a supplemental application and a Cal State Apply application:

  • Submit the Supplemental Application and upload your resume.
  • A representative from SDSU will contact you for a pre-qualification interview and advise you when to submit the formal Cal State Apply application.
  • Submit the formal application through Cal State Apply between Oct. 1—June 1 for Fall 2020 admission.
  • Schedule a required GRE or GMAT test date at your earliest opportunity.
  • Order official transcripts for all post-secondary education after completing the Cal State Apply application.
  • International applicants may be required to take English language testing. Visit the SDSU Graduate Admissions page for testing and document requirements.

Application deadline: June 1 | Cohort begins Aug 2, 2020


SDSU also offers Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. For more information on either program, please contact Nicole Williams at MShospitality.ces@sdsu.edu or (619) 594-3946.