In our endless quest to advance excellence in the industry, SDSU’s Business of Craft Beer program offers quarterly seminars led by industry experts on all things zymurgy. The seminars are open to all (must be at least 21), and the cost will vary based on duration, and accompanying food and drink frills.

Our Spring 2019 Craft Beer Seminar Two-Part Series: Beer Judging

The many beer competitions taking place locally and globally every year require experienced judges to present the awards. Evaluating samples fairly requires a high level of responsibility, and this two-part series will help you get started. We’ll explore how to evaluate the characteristics of beer samples based on their style guidelines, and how to provide feedback to brewers to help them improve their brews. With these skills, you may be invited to help as a judge for the San Diego International Beer Festival at the San Diego County Fair. This series will also help prepare you for cicerone or beer judge certification. Students will receive a letter of completion for the seminar. The seminar does not count toward certificate completion.

Cost: $79

For more information, email or call (619) 594-3946.


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CB 0019 How to Judge Beer for Competition
Learn the mechanics of how a beer competition is run, how entries are handled, and what criteria are used to evaluate each beer. You will learn all aspects of judging, including how to make constructive comments, and the requirements for awarding medals. The class includes a mock judging round that will utilize your news skills so that you’re ready to judge in any beer competition. Your new insights will be useful when submitting your own brews in competitions.
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Tom Nickel
CB 0020 How to Evaluate Beer: A Sensory Analysis
Learn how to evaluate the characteristics of beer samples based on their style guidelines. We’ll evaluate blind samples and practice appraising them by aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel. We’ll also learn how to articulate to brewers the accuracy of their interpretation of a particular style.
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