Developed by SDSU Global Campus, SDSU’s Department of American Indian Studies, and the SDSU Sycuan Institute on Tribal Gaming, the Tribal Casino Operations Management Certificate Program is designed to provide higher education opportunities focused specifically on the tribal gaming industry. The certificate program consists of twelve units across five courses that explore topics like gaming in cultural and political contexts, casino management and operations, legal issues, and public relations. You’ll also learn how tribal gaming relates to tribal sovereignty and economic development of Indigenous communities.


  • Cultural and Political Contexts | AMIND/HTM 370
  • Casino Operations Management | HTM 371
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues | HTM 372
  • Casino Marketing and Tribal Public Relations | HTM 373
  • Cross-Cultural Interpretations of Gambling Addiction | PSFA 381

There are two ways to earn your Tribal Gaming Certificate:

  1. Through Open University, which is open to anyone — no prerequisites required
  2. As an enrolled student in SDSU’s Robert L. Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

How to Register for Open University

  1. Check the University's class schedule for the courses you want and see which courses are open. You’re responsible for meeting all course prerequisites prior to registration.
  2. Register and pay online in any open class once registration starts. Registration in open classes may be done online or by secure email. For information on how to submit by secure email, contact the registration office. Waitlists must be done online only.
  3. Use the online SDSU Waitlist process during your Open University registration to request a seat in a closed class if desired. SDSU matriculated students have priority for all waitlisted courses. Open University students will be notified by email with payment instructions when they have been enrolled in a class that was waitlisted.


For registration assistance, please visit our Open University Registration Guide or contact the registration office.

For general information, contact the SDSU Global Campus coordinator at or call (619) 594-7700.

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