The Certificate in Environmental Studies program is designed for students already holding a bachelor's degree (in any field) who desire to increase their understanding of theoretical and applied approaches to environmental science problems and issues. This is not a certificate program in the hard sciences, but rather is intended to provide diverse ways for students to develop knowledge of the causes and consequences of the human impact on the environment and the impact on humans of philosophical, political, economic, spatial, and natural science perspectives.

This professional development certificate program offers a multidisciplinary approach to environmental studies for natural resource managers, teachers, community activists, and others who are concerned about the interaction of people and the environment. Students must complete the required units with a 2.5 grade point average. Learn more about the Certificate in Environmental Studies program by enrolling in these SDSU courses today.

The certificate requires 15 units to include nine units selected from:

  • Economics 455
  • Geography 370, 573
  • International Security and Conflict Resolution 300
  • Oceanography 320
  • Political Science 334 (or Sustainability 334)

and six units selected from:

  • Biology 315, 324, 327
  • Economics 456, 489
  • Geography 409, 570, 572, 574
  • Geological Sciences 301, 303
  • History 441
  • International Security and Conflict Resolution 301
  • Philosophy 332
  • Public Health 304
  • Recreation and Tourism Management 487

Core courses can be counted in only one category; 500-numbered courses may have substantial prerequisites, but may be counted later for graduate credit toward an M.A. degree.

To Register:
1. Write down the required courses.
2. Log into the SDSU Global Campus Gateway and create an account if needed.
3. Select Open University registration.
4. Navigate through the schedule to select your courses and pay.

Questions? Contact the faculty advisor for the certificate program Donna Ross at

If you have questions about Open University, please contact SDSU Global Campus by emailing or call (619) 594-7700.

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