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Estimated Cost Estimated Cost
Textbooks not included
Completion Time Min. Completion Time
9 Months
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Who Will Benefit

Our online courses are designed as affordable intensives running between four and six weeks in length. Quickly gain the skills you need to launch or advance your career in marketing. Individuals wanting to grow a career in marketing, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners who manage their own media and marketing, are ideal candidates for this program.

Core Courses (complete all 5) Length Cost 20SU 20FA 21SP 21SU
MM 0009 Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan 6 weeks $399  8/6-9/10   4/8-5/13  
MM 0010 Defining and Positioning a Brand 5 weeks $379  6/9-7/7   1/12-2/9  
MM 0016 Content Marketing Strategy and User Experience 6 weeks $399    10/20-11/24    
MM 0017 Market Research and Analytics 5 weeks $379  7/6-8/3   3/1-3/29  
MM 0021 Social Media Strategies for Business 5 weeks $379    11/16-12/20    
Elective Courses (complete 2) Length Cost 20SU 20FA 21SP 21SU
MM 0018 Public Relations 4 weeks $359  5/21-6/11   2/11-3/4  
MM 0020 Media Buying and Selling 4 weeks $359    9/2-9/23    
MM 0023 SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability 6 weeks $399    9/14-10/25    

Dates subject to change.


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Marketing Manager — Nationwide

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Job Postings
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Projected Growth
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Certificate Requirements
To earn the Professional Certificate in Marketing, you must successfully complete five (5) core courses, and two (2) electives. All requirements must be completed within two (2) years. If you are not pursuing a certificate, you may take as many individual courses as you wish to bring your skills to the forefront.

  • No prerequisite or application is required to begin the program.
  • Begin with any course.
  • The program is Workforce Approved.

Enrolling in the Program
Enroll in the program at any time, even before registering for a course. It’s free, and offers many benefits:

  • Secure your curriculum (should the requirements change in the future).
  • See upcoming courses when you log into your student account.
  • Track your progress.

Enrolling in a program doesn’t mean you’re registered for courses. You still must register and pay for each course you wish to take.


Textbook Required: To be updated.

For more information, please contact or call (619) 594-3946.

Whether you’re trying to break into marketing, grow a personal business or are an experienced marketer, the SDSU Global Campus Studies' marketing courses provide valuable strategies, tools and tactics you can immediately integrate into your marketing goals. For example, the social media course will expose you to the latest digital marketing trends and tools you can implement to organically grow your voice through digital channels. I’ve made all my marketing employees complete the certification program. I highly recommend it.

— Tina Voss, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Memjet

Core Courses

2020 Spring2020 Summer2020 Fall
MM 0009 Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan

Gain knowledge and hands-on experience for exactly how to develop a successful, integrated marketing plan that can be immediately applied to a small, mid-size, or enterprise company. Topics include how to identify target audiences, business objectives, and marketing goals; how to develop strategies that are aligned with goals; types of media and how to integrate channels for the most successful results; tools and technologies to track performance; and how to present a plan to business executives and gain approval.

Course Date(s)

MM 0010 Defining and Positioning a Brand

Learn how to identify and understand your target market(s) so you can create and position a brand identity. In this fast-paced course, you’ll learn how to differentiate your company from the competition; how to position a brand in the marketplace by creating a cohesiveness of internal efforts and focus; and how consumer perceptions are formed from brand execution, advertising, and marketing communications.

Course Date(s)

2020 Fall
MM 0016 Content Marketing Strategy and User Experience

The days of running ads and hoping customers buy are long gone. Successful marketing today requires a more comprehensive, personal approach to reaching customers. Content Marketing has been around for decades, but now it's a key part of the modern marketing plan for many businesses and brands, both large and small. Learn what separates valuable content from noise, and how to develop content that connects with customers. In addition to developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, the course will emphasize the creation and delivery of digital content and explore how the user experience impacts engagement in the online world.

Course Date(s)
October 20 - November 24
MM 0017 Market Research and Analytics

Learn how to differentiate your website and product for a competitive edge in customer experience. This class will cover the principles of market research and analytical tools used to analyze site behavior and identify consumer insights through marketing trends. Through hands-on, experiential learning, you will use digital tools in the Google Suite, understand the digital tool landscape and explore digital behavior through this five-week course.

Course Date(s)

Jason Methner
2020 Fall
MM 0021 Social Media Strategies for Business

This course is an in-depth study of how businesses and organizations use social media tools as part of their communications programs. Learn how the most popular applications in the social media arena can be used to accomplish marketing goals and build awareness for your organization. Build your company's profiles and following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more to engage with your audience and enhance your professional communications.

Course Date(s)
November 16 - December 20
Kendra Losee

Elective Courses

2020 Spring2020 Summer2020 Fall
MM 0018 Public Relations
One of the most effective marketing tools available is the use of a strategic communications process that builds and manages relationships between an organization and its audience — public relations. In this course, learn techniques to help you research, plan, create, and implement public relations tactics.
Course Date(s)

Yadira Galindo
MM 0020 Media Buying and Selling
The most creative, engaging message in the world has no value if it doesn't reach the right audience. And proper media placement – whether you're on the buying side, the selling side, or even the creative side – requires a good bit of science plus human intuition. In this course, we'll look at how various media are evaluated, how media campaigns are built, and the roles and skills involved in being a buyer or seller. This industry is changing so rapidly that you'll discover concepts and tools that didn't exist five years ago: silos, Programmatic, OTT, Big Data, and more. Join us to discover how the best work of the "Mad Men" reaches your eyes and ears.
Course Date(s)

Lisa Ratcliff
MM 0023 SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability

This introductory search engine optimization (SEO) course provides the tools and basic knowledge to increase website traffic, and conversions from organic search results. Gain valuable information around the four main pillars of SEO: website architecture, content, authority (links), and engagement. The lectures consist of case studies, working sessions with real-life websites, and more. Experience in website development or marketing is not required to take this course.

Course Date(s)

Michael Caroff


2020 Spring2020 Summer2020 Fall


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