Complete an Entire Year of Foreign-Language Studies in Just Five Weeks with Summer Intensive Language Courses

Immerse yourself in one of today's most critical languages – Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Portuguese or Russian. With SDSU's Intensive Critical Language Courses, you can earn 3-20 units of foreign language credit this summer. Each intensive language and culture studies class meets for four to six hours of interactive instruction daily.

Why SDSU's Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC)?
SDSU is the only local university offering Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Portuguese, and Russian courses with LARC's highly successful intensive summer format. Our expert instructors will guide you in achieving practical language skills and cultural awareness through conversations, games, writing, multimedia, and other activities based on today's latest language learning theories and practice.

"I had the pleasure of taking Ghassan Zakaria's Arabic 101/102 class. Arabic is the fourth language that I have taken upon myself to study formally ... I find Ghassan to be an outstanding instructor. His class exceeded my greatest expectations.

~ Keren Chansky Suberri, Ph.D., ABPP
NJ Licensed Psychologist SIO2914


Who should enroll?

  • Students who want to complete their foreign language requirements in a fast, intensive format
  • Heritage speakers who want to improve their formal language skills
  • Highly-educated professionals interested in a challenging academic pursuit, and business, legal, and healthcare professionals who want to expand their marketability within their field by adding linguistic knowledge and capacity to their repertoire

About the Classes
Arabic and Persian courses are 4 units each. Russian and Chinese courses are 5 units each. Portuguese 101/102 are 5 units each and Portuguese 203/204 are 3 units each. Tuition is $369 per unit.

Take a two-course sequence (e.g., Persian 101/102, Persian 201/202) to earn eight units of Arabic or Persian or ten units of Russian or Chinese in under six weeks, or take an individual course to earn four to five units in under three weeks.

Want more information?

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2018 Spring2018 Summer2018 Fall
ARAB 0101 Elementary Arabic I

Introduction to Arabic, with emphasis on language of everyday conversation. Focus on vocabulary and structures needed for elementary speaking, listening, and reading.

Course Date(s)

2018 Spring
ARAB 0102 Elementary Arabic II

Continuation of Arabic 101. Develops vocabulary and structures needed for elementary speaking, listening, and reading, with emphasis on the language of everyday conversation.

Course Date(s)
February 8 - March 8